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A response to Lies

Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016



I had a love, I had a life

I meant the words I spoke at the alter

I meant the rings I put on your finger


I never meant to lie to you

I never meant to change how I felt

I never meant for you to hurt

I never meant to see her


Her smile tricked my eyes

Her laugh tricked my ears

Her words tricked my heart


I became a monster lusting for another

I became a demon forgetting all those years

I became the thing others looked down upon


I can't take back what happened

I can't take back the day I said "I do"

I can't take back when she walked into the room


I hope you understand I meant what I said

I did not mean to lie

I did not mean to change


I hope you move on

I hope you find your happiness as I have found mine

I hope you meet the one who never lies


I became a lier 

But hopefully not to her

May my mistake not be repeated

And may you understand


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