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Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016



George sits
by the window
of his room,

there are rooks
over the far trees,

over some field
cows moo
on the air,

he stares at the horizon
expecting explosions,

seeing the enemies' trenches
over by Tenet's farm
teem with life,

the nurse behind him
watches him sit
his head to one side
mumbling words,

George doesn't want
to turn round
he knows Wilkes' head
will still lay on the floor
mouthing words,

the nurse offers him
a cup of tea
brown and now warm,

he sees a sniper
walking along
by the drive
rifle over his shoulder
getting bolder,

you must drink George
the nurse says
putting the cup by his elbow
on the small side table,

Mitchum's hand lay
on the trench floor
at his feet
the wedding ring
still there
muddied gold,

where's Polly?
he says not looking around
in case the sniper
crouches out of sight,

she's busy
the nurse says
(having been told
by Dudman the butler
not to bring her),

bring her here
he says
I need her to see
the sniper fellow
to see for herself,

the nurse looks over
his shoulder
along the drive
the gardener walks
with hoe,

George bellows
he shouts again
causing the gardener
to lift his head and stare
who was there,

the nurse puts a hand
on his shoulder
to calm him down
she'll be coming soon
she says in his ear,

his eyes gaze
as the sniper disappears
into the door
the driveway is empty,

an explosion of rooks
hit the sky,

George wide-eyed
begins to cry.

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