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Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016



Your Newborn Baby brings bundles of joy and happiness to the family and is the center of attention, and why not. The attachment, love and bonding get stronger as time passes and the little angel grows right in front of your eyes until the once-adored darling of the family enters his/ her teens and then the landscape transforms completely.  From an adorable child to an intolerable brat, that is the story of many families and depicts a cycle with almost identical patterns.

Now what actually happens and what should ideally happen!

To All Parents

Was he/ she a darling when he or she was a baby? If yes then just visualize him/ her to be the same lovable baby and treat him/ her the way you used to do. Trust me, he/she is still the same person and there is no change whatsoever. To your utter amazement, you will see that the canvas will instantly alter as soon as you change your perspective. After all, you are the boss, the director, the leader and the super mentor! So act like one.

To All Young Dudes

Guys, those annoying parents are the same loving angels who took care of you when you were a baby. Just visualize them to be the same and treat them the way you used to do. You will realize that they are still the most lovable people in the whole world and are your best friends. Don’t let your spectacles show you illusions that in reality do not exist and deprive you of the blessings you have on hand now. Be smart. See the true picture beforehand, what you will eventually discover after a few years. Sooner it happens the better. After all, you are a smart person!


For all relations, whether it is the child and parent relationship, friends, lovers or others, the equation effectively remains unchanged. Most of us learn it after the trials and errors. Be nice to others. Be good to yourself. That is basically one and the same thing.


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