Fall Of Humanity

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - It's not just killing

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Submitted: July 28, 2016



Whoosh! "I'm getting the hang of this!" Ethan was happy to be good at maneuvering with the Hunter gun. "Stambler! Focus on the training!" Commander Darwin Commanded. “Darwin it’s time.” An engineer told Darwin. “Trainee Hunters! Regroup!” Commanded Darwin. The kids regrouped. “This is Robbin Grayson. He’s the brother of James Grayson, the prisoner.” Commander Darwin introduced the engineer to the kids. “Okay, but what does he do sir!?” asked Thomas. “He will teach you everything about Tyrants and Hunter Guns.” Darwin told them what grayson will be doing. They all walked into the classroom and sat down. What people does not know is that it is not easy to kill a Tyrant.


Everything about the Tyrants

  1. They regenerate any part of their body.

  2. They are about 4-9 feet tall (4 feet Tyrants are the strongest and jumps the highes)

  3. They jump about 10 feet

  4. They are fast

  5. They have really sharp fingertips that could go through a human

  6. They are grey and skinny

  7. They can also bite

  8. They have very hard skins that only sharp object can cut through

Steps to kill a Tyrant

  1. You will need a partner

  2. One of the hunter shoots the Tyrant’s eyes

  3. One of the hunter shoots the Tyrant’s knee

  4. One of the hunter shoots the Tyrant’s elbow/shoulder

  5. While step 2-4 is ongoing, one of the Hunter goes behind the Tyrant

  6. Cuts off the arm

  7. Then cuts off the head.

Everything about Hunter guns (Picture on the bottom)


  1. There are 2 triggers. The top one is for the actual bullets and the bottom one is the grappling hook

  2. The bullets are really sharp at the edge so it can go through the Tyrants skin

  3. Bullets are about 4 inches long

  4. It can hold up to 12 Bullets each mag



The picture above is the Logo for the Expedition Hunters.


6 years later


Suzu, Bartu, Ethan, Thomas, and Trayne trained for 6 years. They were adults now, they weren’t just a kid and a normal human. They were one of the great Hunters.  “You guys turned from a bait to a hunter! You guys are ready to kill the Tyrants!” Said commander darwin confidently.


Ethan Stambler, The best at attacking the tyrant, never misses his shots and cuts.

Suzu Ida, The best at maneuvering with the grappling hook.

Bartu Atalay, the best at planning plans.

Thomas Carlin. The best at Leading the team.

Tyrane Starr, Not really good with anything. Just gets scared a lot.


Boom! “What was that!” Suzu heard an explosion from the gate. “There’s a Tyrant in the Ground Zero!” A hunter screamed. “Like how i just said, YOU GUYS ARE READY TO KILL THOSE TYRANTS! NOW LET'S GO!” Commander Darwin Commanded. Whoosh! They flew towards the broken gate of the Ground Zero. “4 feet Tyrant incoming Dodge!” Thomas Commanded, they dodged the 4 feet Tyrant but, someone wasn’t able to. Someone was stabbed through the mouth. “No, it can’t be!”


-To be continued to Chapter 3


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