Fall Of Humanity

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Ground Zero

Submitted: August 03, 2016

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Submitted: August 03, 2016



Boom! “What was that!” Suzu heard an explosion from the gate. “There’s a Tyrant in the Ground Zero!” A hunter screamed. “Like how i just said, YOU GUYS ARE READY TO KILL THOSE TYRANTS! NOW LET'S GO!” Commander Darwin Commanded. Whoosh! They flew towards the broken gate of the Ground Zero. “4 feet Tyrant incoming Dodge!” Thomas Commanded, they dodged the 4 feet Tyrant but, someone wasn’t able to. Someone was stabbed through the mouth. “No, it can’t be!” Suzu said as Commander Darwin got stabbed through the mouth. “Commander…. Commander Darwin just got killed! How are we supposed to NOT get killed!” Trayne started to cry a lot that it was like they can fill up a 1 gallon of water. Whoosh! “Where’s Darwin” Alexander maneuvered on to the building.  “He’s over there” Ethan pointed at the Tyrant that killed Commander Darwin. Alexander looked at where Ethan was pointing at. “Tsk..” Alexander just stayed calm. “I have a pl…” Alexander got interrupted by Bartu. “What are we going to do.” “I SAID I HAVE A PLAN!” Alexander yelled at Bartu. Whoshh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Three other hunters maneuvered on to the building. “Sergeant Major Alexander Roloc! You have been promoted to the rank of commander!” One of the Hunters told Alexander. Alexander looked down and said “Anyway, about the plan. We can’t win against  tyrants. As the commander of Expedition Hunters! I will lead the special tyrant hunter squad. So save many pedestrians as possible and…” When Alexander looked up, no one was listening. “ We can’t win against  tyrants.So save many pedestrians as possible and we should move to Ground Cave.” Alexander heard from Bartu. “That’s what I just said! You brat!” Alexander yelled at Bartu. “Anyways, we should save the people that are near the gate.” Bartu suggested to everyone. “Yeah let’s go” Suzu said. Whoosh! Everyone started to maneuver to the gate looking for any survivors. “There is 3-6 feet Tyrant! 12 o’clock! and a survivor! ” Thomas warned everyone. “Where’s Ethan!” Suzu asked.


Whoosh! “Maddie, you better be alive!” Ethan thought as he was running on the roof and jumping on to roofs. Ethan’s house was right at the corner. “The house looks okay.” Ethan thought while maneuvering his way down to the surface. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Ethan heard a scream from the house. “No! please! !” Ethan manoeuvred into the house. As he looked around the house, he couldn’t find her, but he keeps hearing the scream. But the scream is getting quieter every second. “Wait, what if she was outside and right when I  went inside house, Maddie got out!” Ethan thought and ran out of the house. “E...t..han. H..elp….” Maddie asked for help as she was stabbed through the chest by 4 feet tyrant that killed commander Darwin. “This Tyrant… killed.. Commander Darwin and Maddie! I’m gonna kill you!” Ethan screamed and shot the hook on the Tyrant. Roooar! The tyrant started to scream. “No, it’s getting away! I can’t leave Maddie here” Ethan thought and ran towards Maddie. “Maddie, Please don’t die on me.” Ethan was too late. Maddie has already past away. There was a big hole in Maddie’s chest. “I’m gonna avenge you!” Ethan started to maneuver to the Tyrant that killed Maddie. But then! The Tyrant that killed Maddie also jumped towards Ethan.  


Will Ethan beat the Tyrant or will the Tyrant Beat Ethan?


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