Fall Of Humanity

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Choices with no regrets

Submitted: August 07, 2016

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Submitted: August 07, 2016



As Ethan flew towards the Football headed Tyrant, The Tyrant flew towards Ethan. “I’m gonna rip you in half!” Ethan screamed as he was jumping towards the Tyrant. Whoosh! “Tsk. Brat.” Alexander came out of nowhere and grabbed Ethan and maneuvered onto a building. “No! I was gonna get that Tyrant” Ethan screamed at Alexander as he was looking at Maddie’s dead body.


“There’s choices to make Ethan. Choices with no regrets.” Alexander said and put his hand on his shoulder.


“And you made not kill the Tyrant!” Ethan moved his hand off from his shoulder.


“I will never know the right answer.. I will never going to know what was right.” Alexander quietly said with a tear going down his face.


Ethan looked at Alexander and thought “What, Is Alexander crying….”


Whoosh! Suzu, Bartu, Thomas, and Trayne, swung on to the building.  


“Ethan! Are you okay!” Suzu asked.


“Yeah, I’m fin-” as Ethan said he was fine, he remembered that Maddie died. He didn’t know how he was going to tell this.


“What’s wrong?” Suzu asked Ethan while he was eating an apple.


“Maddie… She died.” Ethan told Suzu and Bartu.


“Shut up. We have to get going, we can’t be crying over a person.” Alexander said in a very harsh way.


“Fine! So you’re telling me Maddie lived for nothing! All the Hunters lived and fought for nothing!”  Ethan yelled at Alexander.


“No, it means we have to move on. Hunters died to protect this world. Every death means something to help the world get their freedom back.” Alexander gave Ethan a death stare.


“I joined the Expedition Hunters, with 2 of my friends just like you, Ethan. Abbi and Benton. We were in the Special Tyrant Hunter Squad. During our 5th expedition, a new abnormal Tyrant appeared. A black Tyrant. The Special Tyrant Hunter Squad was the Squad that was sent to kill the black tyrant on the 6th expedition. So I wanted them to not go on the 6th expedition. But they wanted me to trust their power. But I refused. They made a random excuse to not go to the 6th expedition and stayed at the Expedition Hunter Base that is outside on the surface. But I was attacked by the black Tyrant. 68 Hunters out of 100 were killed by it. But when I came back at the Expedition Hunter Base, It was attacked by the Black Tyrant also, killing all the Hunters in the base.. Since then, I would never know if they should have came with me or not. I will never know.  We never saw the Black Tyrant after that expedition.” Alexander looked at Ethan eyes.


“Commander! Retreat belled has already rang sir! Please go to Ground Cave!” Said Squad Leader Reslet.


They all dodged any Tyrant that they collided with and made it to the gate of Ground cave.


Ground Zero was taken over by the Tyrants. As they walked into the Ground Cave and old man camp to Ethan


“Take this drink. You must be tired.” an old Grandpa said and gave Ethan a drink.


“Oh what was in this!” Ethan vomited and started to drink apple juice.


“Did you drink that drink Ethan!” Robbin asked Ethan as he was like in a hurry.


“Yeah.” Ethan replied.


“Oh, umm I wasn’t done with adding my special spice to it..” Robbin said it in a sad face.



4 month later


“Today! We will be one step closer to freedom! Open the gate! I will announce the 104th expedition! All Hunters advance!” Commander Alexander commanded as all the motorcycles started to accelerate.


“This  is our first, actually joining the expedition! It took us two years! Let’s do this!” Suzu yelled.


“Yeah! And it’s also my Birthday today!” Ethan said.


As the Expedition Hunters drove into the abandoned ground zero. The 9 am bell has rang, and in 3 hours. The expedition Hunters will meet hell.

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