Fall Of Humanity

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Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016




Year 2000 the world was almost destroyed by the unknown creatures that came from nowhere. But the humanity had hope and build a giant underground cities from New York subways, covering the exits and entrances of the subway. In year 2405 the cities were big enough that the population grew up to 2 billion people from 200 thousand people. The underground had three levels. The outer level was called the Ground Zero, the middle level was called the ground Cave, and finally where the only rich people can live, ground Core. Humanity now calls the creatures Tyrants. They are about 9 feet tall and they have blades as their fingers. It was impossible for the humanity to fight back. But one engineer tried something. He trapped a tyrant in a cage and did some experiments. If the tyrants can not be killed by guns, why not blades or swords. It worked. The only way to kill a tyrant was to cut off their head or completely destroy the brain. They also found out that the tyrants will regenerate any part of the body. But if we cut off the head it will not have the time to let the brain to think that it needs to regenerate. But it was impossible for a human to go close to the tyrants. So they made a gun that shoots tiny blades. It can't kill but you aim for the eyes. while they can't see you go and kill the tyrant. The guns are called Hunter gun. It shoots tiny blades and it can also used as a grappling hook. It will be only used by soldiers who protects the  inside of the underground and the expedition group called the Hunters.


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