The Bending Building

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Three kids trespass into a private building and discover insanity.

Submitted: July 24, 2016

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Submitted: July 24, 2016



"What kind of music are you playing man?" Darian asked Oliver. 

"Transylvanian music." 

"Well, it's hella bad bruh." 

"It's perfect for this night." 

Eli shuffled uncomfortably in the backseat. Oliver took notice and turned around to face his younger brother. 

"What's the matter Eli?" 

"I'm fucking scared," Eli replied instantly. 

"Scared? Of what?"

"I don't want to go inside the haunted house!" Eli shouted with a strained voice. 

"It's fine Eli," Oliver said reassuringly. Eli wasn't convinced. Oliver sighed and placed his hand on Eli's shoulder. "Eli. You like that girl, uh, what's her name?" 

"Grace," Eli replied. 

"Yeah, sure. You like her. Do you think she likes you?" 

"Uh, yeah I think so." 

"No she doesn't. Grace hates pussies Eli." 

"I'm not a pussy!" Eli shouted defiantly.

"Well, I mean, you don't want to go with us into the house so I guess-" 

"I'll go! I said I was going already!" Eli snapped. As Oliver smiled and turned back around, Eli looked down at his lap and began to pray. 

"Eli doesn't have to go in man. He's pretty young," Darian said. 

"It's fine. He's fine," Oliver replied. 

"Actually, I don't even want to go in." 

"Ok Darian. You can not do this. You said you were gonna go in like four times already." 

"I know, I know I said that but... ah fuck me." 

As Darian parked the car behind a large tree, Oliver checked his backpack, making sure he had everything he needed. Once he confirmed that everything was in order, he hopped out of shotgun seat and loudly shut the door behind him.

"Christ, it's cold as balls," Darian groaned. 

"Shoulda brought a jacket," Oliver hummed.

Oliver approached the fence surrounding the building and crawled through an opening in the fence.

Once he got through he observed the building. It was lengthy and had seemingly an endless amount of windows spanning from all sides. However, it was pitch black and nothing could be seen inside the house from the outside. 

"It's freaking dark as fuck in there," Darian said from the other side of the fence.

"Yeah, darker than you," Oliver replied. "Hurry up." 

Darian rolled his eyes and looked back to notice that Eli was still inside the backseat. He glanced backwards at Oliver who was busy taking pictures of the building with his camera.

Darian approached the car and opened the door. 

"Eli? You good man?" 

"I can't go in. I can't go in. I can't go in," Eli said repeatedly, on the verge of tears. 

Darian nodded understandingly. 

"Yeah, I don't know why your brother brought you here. It's okay though. You can stay inside. Don't listen to Oliver."

Relief began to build on Eli's face for a split moment before it receded back into fear. 

"What's wrong Eli?" Darian asked.

"Oliver?" Eli called out, looking past Darian's shoulder. Darian looked behind him.

Oliver was nowhere to be seen.

"What the fuck?" Darian groaned. "Oliver where are you?" he shouted. 

"Did he go inside?" Eli asked.

Darian pulled out his phone and called Oliver. Eli jumped when Oliver's ringtone went off in shotgun seat.

"So he made sure he had everything except for his damn phone," Darian sighed. 

"Are you gonna look for him?" Eli asked.

Darian bit his lip and looked down at the ground.




Wow, this is some cool shit, Oliver thought as he walked through the front doors of the building. Oliver snapped some pictures of some paintings and vases as he walked around. He became so entranced in the relics that he soon realized that he had walked far into the mansion without Darian and Eli. 

Well, they didn't want to come in anyway.

Oliver took small steps. Despite his bravado, he was slightly apprehensive. It was dark. The building was old and not open to the public. It was a full moon. Definitely creepy.

Oliver always wanted to explore this mansion. A gigantic, abandoned, private building? Check. Hayfields surrounding the premises? Check. And a forest enclosing the area? Check. Everything that Oliver wanted in a haunted house.

Well, he hoped it was haunted anyways.

The story was that the previous owner of the house had gone completely hysterical and hollered "GET ME OUT!" several times throughout the night. There were even rumors that he had killed those who trespassed onto his property. Eventually, a couple heard the madman hollering into the night and called the police. Not long after, the owner was checked into a mental hospital and remained there until the day he died. 

This kind of house had the perfect backdrop for Oliver's ghost tracking hobby.

As Oliver scrolled through the pictures he took on his camera, he stopped as he noticed that the hallway was becoming increasingly dark. Oliver made a face when he realized that zero moonlight was coming into the building. Oliver scanned the walls with his flashlight. He was looking for windows but all he saw was...

"What are these?" Oliver whispered to himself as he approached the walls. He placed his palm on a black poster. Oliver saw a small corner of the poster sticking out. He pinched it with his forefinger and thumb before pulling it back. Suddenly, the moonlight poured through the window and he had to squint through his eyes.

Oliver glanced around and noticed that all the windows were covered with black posters. 

Why? Oliver thought to himself. 

Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Oliver noticed something move. With a jolt, Oliver fell back against the window and shined his light at it. 

But there was nothing.

Oliver closed his eyes and sighed. That scared him shitless. 

As Oliver continued through the building, the black poster he had left behind slowly snaked itself back up onto the wall, blocking the moonlight. 




"Oliver? Where are you?" Darian called out as he walked through the front doors of the mansion. "Come on man, please don't do this to me." 

Darian glanced around sheepishly at his surroundings. 

"Fuck this shit." 

As Darian turned around to leave, he closed his eyes and clenched his fists. 

"Fuck!" Darian muttered to himself. He turned back around and walked further into the building. "Oliver! Where are you man?" 

He gripped the switch blade that he had brought along. He held onto it tightly in his pocket.

As Darian walked up a long set of stairs, he repeatedly looked over his shoulder to make sure nothing was following him. When he got to the top of the stairs he mulled whether to go left or right. 

"Right is always right, right?" Darian mumbled to himself while anxiously tapping his thighs. "Right." 

Darian turned to the right and began to walk through a labyrinth of hallways and rooms. He made constant stops whenever he thought something was hiding in the corner. Occasionally he also pondered whether it was smarter to keep the flashlight on or off. 

"If I keep it on, I know where I'm going. Off... nothing knows that I'm here."

Darian repeatedly tried to reassure himself that he was fine although he was helplessly scared. He thought that he would enter the building alongside Oliver but he didn't expect that he would be looking for Oliver. This was his worst nightmare come true. 

"Ok, so this mofo is nowhere to be found and I've been looking for... what? Twenty minutes? He's probably a goner. I think I'm good enough of a friend 'cause I looked for a while. Time to go." 

Darian turned around to go back from the way he came but stopped dead in his tracks. 

"Ok, YO. What... the... FUCK!" Darian shouted. 

Instead of the hallway he was looking for, he came face to face with a wall. Darian slowly approached the wall and placed his palm against it. It was not an illusion. It was solid. 

Darian immediately turned around and came face to face with another wall. The hallway had disappeared. He was boxed in. 




Oliver ran through the building as fast as he could. 

"I was already here! What the fuck! What? What?" Oliver cried out. He ran as fast as he could to outrun the forces that was keeping him entrapped within the building but he was not fast enough. The building continually bended, warped, and looped into the same dozen rooms and the same dozen hallways that he had encountered over and over again. 

"DARIAN!" Oliver screamed. "ELI!

Oliver dropped his camera behind him.

Suddenly, Oliver realized that there was only one way out. 

The window. 

Oliver stopped and ripped off a black poster from the wall. Oliver hurriedly looked for something big. He picked up a vase and prepared to smash it against the window.

Oliver dropped the vase as he saw something from the corner of his eye again. The vase shattered and Oliver winced at the loud noise. When all was silent, he looked around frantically for whatever was stalking him but once again, could not see anything or anyone. 

"FUCK! FUCK YOU!" Oliver screamed angrily. He kicked the window with his foot as hard as he could but to no avail. Oliver noticed something zip past him to the left and Oliver fell backwards with his arms and legs flailing all around him. "Back the fuck off!" he screamed. 

Oliver stood up and noticed his legs were incredibly weak from fear. He could barely walk. He quickly wiped the sweat that had begun to droop on his eyelids. 

Oliver approached the window and punched it with his fist once, twice, three times and repeatedly continued even when his knuckles began bleeding profusely. Oliver screamed in agony and smashed his head against the window. 

He staggered backwards as stars danced around him. His vision was fuzzy and his headache only increased his dizziness. His legs buckled and he dropped to the ground.

He watched in horror as the black poster, once again, covered the window, blocking the light.

Oliver screamed in futile resistance.

He laid his legs against his chest and began huddling against the wall in fetal position. Oliver sucked his lip as blood trickled onto it from his forehead. He wiped his forehead with his arm and let out a chuckle as his arm came away red. Eventually his chuckling escalated into laughter.

Oliver laid his back against the floor and he let hysteria take over him.




Darian had closed his eyes for a good ten minutes trying to convince himself that he was hallucinating, all the while asking god to come and wake him up from his nightmare. He kept trying to muster the courage to open his eyes. 

Eventually it was time. Darian gritted his teeth and gulped. He slowly began to open both eyes while gripping his shirt tightly. 

Darian let out a sigh of relief when the hallway was before and behind him. He turned around and quickly began to run back the way he came. 

His hopes were not dashed as he approached the main set of stairs leading from the entrance. He ran down the steps quickly, almost tripping on his way down, to get to the doors. Halfway down, he heard the sound of sinister laughter coming from within the building. The chill that ran down his spine prompted him to jump several flights of steps causing him to land badly on his left ankle. 



Oliver's eyelids turned orange. He opened his eyes and looked up and noticed that one singular light had turned on above him. Soon it turned off and the light bulb before it flicked on. And the rhythm followed. As Oliver followed the lights guiding him he didn't once think about what they could be leading him to. He just knew that there was nothing else he could possibly do.

Eventually he realized that he was being led out of the loop. With a whoop and a holler, Oliver ran and followed the lights as fast as he could.




With a shout of surprise and pain, Darian collapsed to the floor. He had sprained his ankle very badly. With a roar of desperation, Darian stood up despite the pain. Soon he pushed past the doors, limping as fast as he could. As he limp-ran across the front yard and to the fence, he let out a cry of distress when he realized that the opening in the fence was gone. 

"WHY?" Darian screamed. 

He was not off the premises yet. 

Darian began to climb the fence. He gritted his teeth through the pain and continued to climb. Once he was near the top he heard something coming out the front doors of the building. With a shout of surprise, Darian attempted to hoist himself to the top. Unfortunately however, his ankle betrayed him and he slipped. 

He instantly realized his mistake and clutched the fence screaming out Eli's name, not daring to look at the entity behind him. 

"Eli! Help me! ELI!" 

Darian knew it was hopeless. It was too late. He was done. He grabbed both sides of his hair and closed his eyes waiting for whatever was coming to him. Then he remembered the switch blade that he had brought along with him.

Darian could feel the presence behind him. 

Darian turned around and whipped his knife out to fend off against his attacker. The stranger was red.

Without hesitation, Darian closed his eyes and screamed as he stabbed his knife repeatedly into the attacker's abdomen. 

At first the attacker struggled and shook violently, beating at Darian's back and shoulders but eventually stopped and became limp. As the dead stranger rested on Darian's shoulder, Darian dropped the body and stepped backwards, with the blade still in his hand.

Darian's eyes widened as he recognized the person's clothes. 

"No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!" Darian cried as he fell to his knees. 

He turned Oliver over to find him drenched in blood from head to toe. Darian quickly crawled away from Oliver's body and gripped the fence.

"Someone HELP! My friend! M-my-" Darian looked back at Oliver and realized that it was futile. He had killed Oliver.

Darian looked past the fence and looked for Eli. Darkness shrouded everything outside of the perimeters. Darian couldn't see anything.

"Eli!" he shouted one last time. But Eli was nowhere to be found.

Darian looked up and decided to climb the fence again. His ankle was burning with pain but he had to escape. Once he was at the top, he jumped without looking over his shoulder. As he landed, he cursed from the pain and fell to his knees. He couldn't walk anymore.

As Darian crawled to the car, the shrouding darkness slowly dissipated revealing...

Darian choked. 

The large tree that the car had been parked behind had fallen onto the car and crushed it completely.

Darian frantically looked around the car until he found Eli.

His arm stuck out from underneath the wreckage with blood dripping from his fingertips.

Darian looked down at the ground and clawed the earth. 

They were both dead. He closed his eyes and breathed raggedly. He wanted to bury himself inside the earth and escape the hell that he was in.

Darian tried to find sanity inside of his head.

I need to get out of here.

When Darian opened his eyes, walls surrounded him from all sides.

The End

"So what happened here?" the doctor asked. 

"Patient 18 tried to climb the fences again and now he's having another episode of his," the nurse replied. 

"Huh, is that so. Well, don't let him stay boxed up too long. I think it's actually having the adverse effect on that boy."

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