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Submitted: July 24, 2016

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Submitted: July 24, 2016



I love the smell of her hair.  It smells like sweet strawberries that were just picked.  I could eat it right now, but hair just tastes weird.  Her hands felt so soft and warm.  I just love holding them.  Her nails were neatly trimmed with a pink tint. 

We were taking all the time in the world walking over to the other side of the park. We were walking underneath the snow white arches at the city park.  The moon fit this occasion just right.  The moon’s glow reflected off of the rippling lake.  You can see the moon’s reflection as well. 

As we were walking, she put her head into my neck.  Everyone thought we were the perfect couple, I could see why.  The school’s starting quarterback and the head cheerleader make a perfect couple.

We reached a small wooden bench that was near a huge oak tree.  We strolled over to it and sat down.  Her head was still in my neck.  There were no words to describe this moment.  Everything was perfect.  She then lifted her head up and stared at me.  I was lost inside of her luscious blue eyes.  It was like being a sailor lost at sea, unaware of where he was.

As if this moment could not be any better, we both started to lean forward, closer and closer to each other.  I closed my eyes and let the moment just take over.  I continued to lean forward and forward but nothing happened.  I almost fell leaning too far.  Our lips did not meet.  I opened my eyes and saw that she was not there.  Where did she go?

I looked around, but I still did not see her.  Then, something was swaying back and forth above me.  The reason I could tell was because the light that was near kept fading.  I looked up in the three above and was disgusted.  My girlfriend has been hung!  I don’t even know she got in the tree!  One second we were about to kiss, the next she was hung in some oak tree.  I fell to my knees and started to cry.  How could this happen?  Who did this?  She would never hang herself.  None of this made sense.

Snap!  I popped my head up and instinctively looked around.  I twisted behind me and saw a strange black figure standing there.  I fell on my back and was backing up towards the tree.  With every step I took, the figure took one as well.  I tried to scream, but nothing was coming out.  I eventually hit the base of the oak tree.  I was done for.  Then, the figure pulled something out of his pocket.  A knife!  The figure then lunged at me.

I felt the knife go in, but not out.  This was all so painful!  I could see the knife leaving and entering my body again and again, yet I could not feel it.  One of the last things I saw was that the figured pulled out the knife again.  But this time, the strange figure did not aim for my stomach.  The knife came straight for my throat.



It was a beautiful and sunny day in here in Los Angeles.  The beach is always the best place to be at.  You get to watch the seagulls and waves, smell the ocean breeze, and stare at all of the beach babes.  I just love the beach.

“Are you Agent Stone?” a voice said.  I looked up from my tanning and saw a woman standing over me.

“Why does it matter?”  The story is that I am not technically an agent.  I started to freelance and I was eventually fired.  But do you know how many cases I solved?  Too many to count.  My specialty was that I mixed most of the units to one.  I use behavioral analysis and other things too.  The only reason that I started to freelance was because I was involved in this one case that was too personal, and no one was doing anything about it.

“You have been requested by the FBI’s chief director.” She has some kind of southern accent.  She was new here.

“You are from the south aren’t you?  My guess is Texas since your accent is thick.”  She just continued to stare at me, with a black face.

“You are not profiling me.  You are supposed to be profiling a killer.”  The word killer stopped my heart.  I have not been after a killer in two years.  I can tell this was going to  be fun.

“Tell him I will be there shortly.”  She nods and walks away.  She drove this black SUV with government plates.  How can you be discreet in those huge cars?  It was like yelling “I work for the FBI and I am undercover!”  That was not going to happen.

I hopped up and put my tanning sheet away.  I threw on my shirt, and headed towards my car.  I drove a Ford Mustang.  I was not trading this for that SUV.  I got in my car, and headed towards the FBI headquarters.



When I arrived at the FBI headquarters, I saw that it has not changed a bit.  There were some new faces, but other than that, it has not changed at all.  I eventually found some a parking spot near the front door.  It had that handicapped thing, but why would a crippled work here?

Minutes later I made my way up to the Chief’s office.  “Knock knock.”  I say.  The chief looked up and smiled.  I guess she missed me.

“Stone.  It is good to see you again.”  I can’t help to think that she is lying to me.  When I went freelancing on that case, if yelled at me, and then fired me.  Maybe people do change.  She stood up and walks towards me.  She comes in for a handshake, and I accept.  She goes back to his chair and I go to the one in front of his desk.

I wondered why she called me in.  It has been two years and she has never requested me before.  And I thought I was done with the FBI.  "So why, after two years did you want me back?"

With no hesitation, she said "I want you back because this case is very different than the others we come upon.  I know you want back in, so I want to give you these."  She picked up a box on the floor and put it right in front of me.

"What is this?"  I ask startled.

"This is the case file.  You have to know what you are up against.  Just let me know if you want in after this case."  Chief Greenway was a complex woman.  But she was right; this is what I wanted to do.  And to the side of the box was a badge and gun.  I looked up and smiled at her.  I grabbed the badge and gun and put it on top of the box and carried it out.  "There is an office down the hall and to the right!” She yelled.

I head down the hall, and into the abandoned office.  It was so neat.  Whoever was here last must have been retired or fired recently.  I put the box down and the desk and sat down.  I think I was going to like it here.  The first thing I have to do is look at these case files.  Before I got the lid off, someone came in.  "You must be Agent Stone."  I looked at the doorway and saw a young lady at the door.  "I am sorry to just barge in, but I was just seeing how you were doing.  I am Alex by the way."

"Yes I am Stone.  It is nice to meet you Alex."  She had curly brown hair that went to her shoulders.  She was wearing a black skirt and with some kind of tuxedo top.

"Chief Stone said that wheels up in ten.  We need to head to Oklahoma City."

"What is the rush?"  It can't be that bad.

"There was another murder."  I nodded and got up.  I grabbed the box and followed after Alex.  I saw some of the other agents briskly moving around.  This was going to be fun.



The team and I were on the plane heading towards Oklahoma City.  I was looking over the case files from the earlier murders.  The only time they call us in is when there is more than three murders, meaning a serial killer, or when there is something special about the murder.  In this case, there was something special about it.

“Stone.” I glanced up and saw some male staring at me.  “Ready?”  I nodded.  I sat next to Alex and waited for someone to start talking.Someone started to talk, but it was not the same guy.

“Okay team.  This here is Agent Stone.  He is our new member of this team.  He is replacing our past team leader.  Stone, I am Agent Matthews.  You already met Alex.  Over here we have Agent Miles and Sam.”  I was not told about that part, but oh well.  The only team member’s first name I know is Alex’s, but I was fine with it.  Matthews was an average built guy.  He was a left handed by the way he held his pen.  Looks like is married, but often moves his ring.  His glasses gives him the look of a know it all, I am know he is a fighter.  I know he will be a great member.

Miles is very lean.  He was jet black hair than hangs an inch over his eyes.  I could not tell much about him yet.  It looks like he likes to keep to himself.  But I can tell he is sleep deprived, his eyes are heavy and dark.

Then there is Sam.  In the last ten minutes, she has drunk about three cups of coffee.  I barely finished my first cup.  Sam is kind of a bigger girl, but looks can be deceiving.  From what I heard, she is really good.  You can’t go far based on looks.

“So what do we have?”  I asked.  I opened a file and started reading.  The first page held one of the victim’s information.  Next to his school picture, there was a picture of him and some girl hanging from a tree.  “David Sanderson.  He was just 18 when he died.  It says he died due to loss of blood.”  So the first two victims were no one special, and the next two were a football player and a cheerleader.  There was no connection.

“You don’t believe that?”  Sam asks.

“It is not that, but something still is not right.  According to the autopsy, all of the major arteries were avoided.  And only the boys were stabbed.”  That does not make sense.  He was stabbed about twenty times.  At least something should have been slit.  And why only the boys?

“That is the same with the next male victims.  All of the major arteries were missed.  The girls were not stabbed, just hanged.  Maybe we are looking at a doctor.”  Alex states.

“I do not think so,” Matthews adds, “Anyone with basic knowledge could possibly know where all the arteries are.”  He could be right.

“This killer crosses the gender line.  It seems that all of the targets were couples.  Look how he nails their hands together.  It seems as if he hates couples, or just love in general.”  I say.  The team was taking some time to process what I just said.  They all were coming to some kind of agreement.

Miles then started to speak.  “But what about the hanging?  Why does he hang them when he stabs them to death?”

“What if they were not dead when he hangs them?  Maybe he misses the arteries and veins on purpose.  He wants to see them struggle.  He cares more about their struggle and pain more than the love.  The love is just his motive on going after them.”  Matthews says.

He had a good point.  “I agree.  I think we are looking for a sadist who gets off on others pain.”  Since this sadist is so focused on couples, the hanging of the two and the nailing of the hands is starting to make sense.  There is a message in this somewhere; I just have to find it.  Hopefully we can find him before he strikes again.



I can feel the rush.  Four of them dead.  I love this.  It is time for the next kill.  From what I am hearing, the FBI is here.  They landed a few hours ago.  They can’t catch me.  They won’t catch me.  They want to stop the body count, but I want to add more.  And two more will be added tonight.  I can see my two victims coming upon my projected path.  They were not going to expect this, then again, who does?

“I love you Paul.”  One of them said out of breath.  They went for a jog just as planned.  I think the other was too tired to say it.  All I could hear was panting.

“I love you too.”  So they tricked me?  No one tricks me.  Love is a useless thing in life.  It leads to betrayal.  It was time to strike, but I had to wait for the perfect moment.  If I stepped out to soon, this would not work.  Actually, it would.  I do have a gun as a backup.

I spit my gum (raspberry gets old after a while) out and slowly creep out of my hiding spot.  I saw those two lovers sit lie down over by the lake.  The police came to this exact park just a while ago, but they were not expecting another murder to happen in the same crime area.  Fools!

I made my way to them.  They did not even see me.  That is when I heard something.  It sounded like smacking.  Were they making out?  They were so unaware of their doom.  They have pushed my buttons too far!  Right when I was taking another step, one of them got up.  “I will be right back.  I have to go use the restroom.”  Now there was one.

I stepped over him, preparing his death.  “That was fast.  Did you have fun?”  He finally processed that I was not the other one.  Before he could scream, I was upon him.  He quickly knocked him out.  The other one was bound to be on his way.  I have to make this quick.

I dragged his body towards the lake.  I then threw him into the water, and watch him float.  But I had to make sure I finished it.  He got in the water and held his head down under.  He started to flail, but he regain consciousness too late.  Slowly, his body was still.  His body was motionless again.  And that is when the other came back.  I swiftly, yet quietly went under water.

“Sean?  Where are you?”  He was not going to find him, well he was, but dead.  He walked over to the lake and froze.  “Sean?  No!”  I can hear him coming in the lake to check on his already dead boyfriend.  He flipped his body over, and that is when I came out.  I sprung up and tackled him.  We both went into the water.  Perhaps I could have waited until a better moment, but there was no fun in waiting.

He tried to push me off of him, but it was futile.  I punched him in the face, and he released whatever grip he had on me.  I rapidly took out my knife, and started stabbing him again and again.  Then, I went for the throat.  I watched the life slowly leave him.  This is what I love most.  I had one more thing to do, well two.  I pulled the gun out of my jacket pocket, pointed it straight in the air, and fire multiple shots.  I had to know someone knew.  A few minutes later, I heard some sirens.  I was done here.  I trotted out of the lake, and ran into the bushes and trees.  They were not going to find me.



By the time we got set up and our temporary base of operations (which was Oklahoma City Police Department), something bad just happened.  The parents of the David Sanderson was here, well I mean parent.

“Mr. Sanderson, I am Agent Stone, how may I help you?”  He then started to cry.

“My wife just took her own life, because of what happened to our son.”  He was choking, struggling to get those words out.

“I am sorry.”  I did not know what else to say.

“And don’t you say that you know what I am going through, because you do not.  I just want to you fine the one who did this, and make them pay.”  I could see the anger ignite in his eyes.

“I will.”  With any luck, I will catch him.  I have to catch him.  That was the one thing I did not miss when I came back to the FBI.  I hate it when the parents do that.  They come up to you and start doing that feeling thing.  It just makes me feel weird.

I walk past the grieving parents, and into the captain’s office.  “I. . . .” I started to say, but he interrupted me.

“We need your team at the park.”  He had that serious tone in his voice.

“What happened?”

“There has been another murder.”

“At the same park?”  He simply nodded.  Why is this sick killer staying at the park?  It must be important.  I walked back out of the office and saw my team discussing.  It better about this case.  The last thing I want is a team that does not care.  “Team, we are heading for the park.”  They all put down their coffee and jogged over to the doors. 

I jumped in the driver’s seat the black SUV’s along with Alex and Miles; Matthews, Sam, and a local agent in the other one.  We were off to the park.

“Talk about a cool down period,” Miles says.

“This must be a spree,” says Alex, “So we need find out what is causing this.”  She was right too.  If this keeps up, more people will die.

We reach the park, and heads towards the crime scene.  There was a crowd of people surrounding the area, outside of the yellow tape.  This is another thing I did not miss.  We all enter the radius of the crime scene and do our investigating.  The only thing different was that the bodies were not hung, they were drowned.

“Were there any witnesses?”  I ask the officer in charge.

“Only the ones that discovered the body.”

“And who will that be?”

“A young jogger on his daily jog.” She said, pointing to a sweaty kid.  He couldn’t be over 20.

“Miles and Sam, go over and talk to the jogger while Alex, Matthews, and I check out the bodies.”  We start walking over the bodies, and see that something else was different.  They were both males.

“So why attack a gay couple?  Is he questioning his own sexuality?”  Matthews says.

“Maybe more of victims of opportunity.” Alex adds.  They forensics team pulls the bodies out of the water and puts them on their backs.  They hands were also nailed together.

A member of the forensics team walks up to us and starts to talk.  “We were only able to identify one of the men.  His name is Paul Hill.  He just graduated school last week.  He was a good kid.  Good grades, but no one knew he was gay.”

“How do you know him?”  Matthews asks.

“He was stand-up guy.  Everyone knows him and likes him.  We are sending reports on the other one to the lab.  They should be back within the next few hours.”  I nodded in agreement.

“I do not think that our killer is struggling with sexuality.”  I finally say.

“Why?”  They ask in unison.

“Because look at Paul.  He is the one that did get stabbed repeatedly, not the other one.  This means that Paul was the alpha-male in this relationship, since the males in the other cases were stabbed, and not just hung.  And they could not be victims of opportunity, because how else would the killer know that they would be here, or if Paul was the man in the relationship.  So, our killer is stalking all of our victims before he kills them.”  They both just look at me, and then make the faces as it is slowing coming to them.

“Stone!”  I hear my name being yelled and look to see that it is was Sam.  I walk on over to where she was.

“What is it?”

“It turns out that the jogger could not see the bodies on his route.”

“And why was that?”

Miles then starts to speak.  “It was dark.  He only found the bodies when he heard gunshots coming from the lake.  I was thinking that if I was the killer, why would I shoot?  I think the answer is because I want to bodies to be found.  So, the killer knew that the jogger would be coming.  He is not just stalking the victims, but the whole park.”

All of the murders were happening at the park.  I could now see that this was his comfort zone.  The last murders were near the tree about ten feet to the right.  This park is so heavily visited, it is hard not to see someone, even if is night.  There is always someone.  “Guys, I think I have an idea.  And I think we have enough for a profile.”

Minutes later, everyone was gathered near the tree.  My team was at the tree’s trunk, while everyone one was in front of it.  “We are looking for a smart and organized killer.”  I begin.

“He has stalked everyone in this park, prior to the killings.  We think he may be a regular visitor, or even a worker here.”  Alex states.

“So be on the lookout for any suspicious people here who take a little too much time looking at people and/or past murder areas.”  Matthews says.

Miles then takes over.  “These kills happen overnight, so he more than likely won’t be here until tonight.  But he more than likely has his next victims targeted.”

The captain speaks up.  “If this is true, then what makes you think that he is not watching us now?”

“We don’t.” I say.  If he is, then he knows that we are on to him and he might flee.  “Everyone has been briefed, so if you have any questions, please talk to us.  Thank you.”  We all disperse.  Then, Sam comes to me.

“What is your idea?”  I smile.  I have not come with up plan in a while.  It was going to be a great plan.

“Agent Stone?”  I turn around and see the captain coming to me.  “There is something you need to see.”  I follow the captain over to a bush.  “What do you notice about it?”  I stare at the bush; it looks like any other bush.  Then I noticed what he was talking about.  The middle of the bush was crushed.  “No one is allowed in the forestry,” the captain says “So I think that the killer was stalking his victims from here.”

I go into the bush, kneel, and imagine myself from the killer’s point of view.  From here I can see the oak tree and the lake.  I can also see the path that couple came on.  This was the perfect viewpoint.

Before I got up, I noticed something.  There was a piece of gum lying on a leaf. Since I had my gloves, I picked it up and went to go find an evidence bag.  Now by tonight, I will know who the killer is, and how to catch him.  This killer is going to regret killing on my watch.  The only thing I have do to now is tell my team the plan.



The moon was casting a faint glow.  I have been stalking these victims for quite some time.  I stalked all of my victims at the same time.  It was not that hard to keep up with them. I was lurking in the same tree I hung my first “lovers.”

I could see two people coming along the shore of the lake, the same lake where I drowned the gays.  They should not have lied to me.  Love is a useless thing.  Why bother with it?

I could see them holding hands, and doing the idiotic neck huddling thing.  I could hear the giggling and laughing.  It was making me so mad!  I just want to choke them already.  But I had to be patient.  Patience was the key here.  I was not going to spoil this due to my inability to wait.

After grueling minutes of their confessions of love, they were in my trap.  I sprang down from where I was, and landed on the male.  They woman started to scream, but she was not going to approach me.  I pulled out my knife, and began to stab, but I was interrupted, not by the woman, but by a bright light.



It was time.  The killer has jumped down from the tree.  There was no time to wait.  I jumped out of my hiding spot, as well as the other members of my team, the local police, and the saw team.  I ran towards the killer.  The bright lights of the helicopters illuminated the whole park.  “Carl Grahams!  Drop the knife now!”  I yell.  He pops his head up, and I can see his confusion.

“How do you know my name?”  He asks.

“Next time, don’t leave your gum in a bush!” Alex bellows.

Carl keeps the knife to the young victim’s throat.  The woman has already made her way over to us.  Everyone’s gun was aimed at Carl.  “We don’t want to hurt you!”  I yell at him.

“You cannot hurt me, not with this lover here!”He did have a point.  Negotiations are another thing I hate about the FBI.

“I know about Cindy, and how she divorced you and took your kids!  You cannot blame yourself for that!”

“You know nothing!  All that time I spent loving her and buying her gifts, she acted like none of that ever happened!  I tried so hard!”

“No one ever said you didn’t!”  This was getting nowhere.  I had to think of something.

“She took my kids away from me!  After everything I have done.  She was just lucky she moved out of the state, or I would have done a lot worse to her!”

“You can’t change the past!  Don’t blame them for something that couldn’t be helped.  Their love does not affect yours in any way!  Just drop the knife!  Do it for them!”  I could still see the crazy look he had in his eyes, but I think he the reason in all of this.  He dropped the knife.

I took my first step towards them, only for him to pull out gun he had in his jacket pocket.  “Gun!”  Someone yelled.  I was not expecting that at all.  He must have been prepared for this.



“Carl, what are you doing?”

“I am not stupid!”

“This isn’t being stupid?  We have no choice but to shoot you if you pull that trigger!”  A red dot appeared on his face.  A sniper was in place.  He was about to die, wither way.

“I will not be taken by the hands of those who do not understand.”

“Understand what?”  I said.

“Love is not real.  It is a useless thing.  Never fall in love.  I am sorry.”  He quickly shifted the gun to his head, and pulled the trigger.  A loud gunshot filled the air.  The man broke free and ran to meet the woman who was in tears.  Cases that end in suicide are the topmost thing I did not miss.

I ran to check on Carl.  He was dead.  It is just procedure to check on their pulse, even when we know are dead.I am glad that this is over, but the worst part was not that he was dead, but that there was something I did not see.  A tear had ran down his cheek and stopped when he ended his own life.  For that, I truly felt sorry.

“Stone?”  I hear Matthews say.  “You okay?”

I simply nod.  I walk away, towards the exit of the park.  This case made me realized that love is at time useless.  That is just makes you mad.  But in the end, love is the one thing that keeps us human.  I wished he would have known that.  Making people realize this can change a life.  That is why I am choosing the stay in the FBI, to help people realize true love.Love can do more then make you hate everyone.  It can set the heart free.

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