What babies see at night

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When a solitary mother and her one-year-old move into a new house things start to get crooked, and she might realize the reason why most babies don't sleep at night.

Submitted: July 31, 2016

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What Babies See At Night


I can't believe this is the fourth time Emma has woken up tonight and is barely 12:15 am. As I go down to the kitchen to prepare another bottle I hear her screaming tighter and louder, what has gotten into this girl? She is alredy one and this has never happenned not even when she first started teething. I shake the bottle to mix the milk as fast as I can and I notice the screaming has ceased for a few seconds before she cried again but this time it was horrifying. The pitch of her screams where so high that my skin shrinked and the terror could be perceived in the way her tiny lungs paused for the lack of air and strength, giving a shriek continued by more unpacient screaming. The echo of her voice  haunted me and the desperation of getting where she was fast enough might had caused my heart to fail but I knew I had to be quick. I, out of nervousness, started calling her name; "Emma! Emma baby what is going on?" As if she could say with detail what was causing her distress. I called once again while running up the hall "Emma!" and I heard a loud thud in her room as if something had fallen and hit the hardwood floor.

 I ran up the stairs skipping a step, stretching my legs as high and as far as I could. Almost at the second level of the house ending the staircase I trip right in front of Emma's room, I could see her in the floor. How did she get out her crib? Did she fall out? I got up and went up to her while she held her arms up for me to carry her. The look she gave to me of salvation was so heartbreaking, her eyes full o tears and how she was still trying to catch her breath back. I picked her up theand she held on so tight to my neck, hidding her face in my chest as if there was something she was trying to unsee. I tried to soothe her moving side to said telling her mommy is here, but in honesty I was probably as frightened as she was for what she might had seen was only left for me to imagine and who knows what is worst.

The room was dim and a cool uneasy breeze blew on my back, I reached for the lamp and turned it on. I almost tripped on my back with emma in my arms as I saw a set of prints in the floor that looked like hands, hands with long fingers, and the marks seemed to be burned onto the wood. What caught my attention even more is that they were only handprints as if whatever made them was walking with its hands. A foul smell of rot and sulfur raced up my nostrils going straight to my stomach. What is that smell? Awful is what it was. I walked around to see where it was coming from and apparently it was emanating from the closet. The closet doors were closed and I had no interest in opening them. I carried Emma downstairs, my poor little princess. She was so tormented that it took her a couple of hours to stop moaning in her sleep, as for me I did not sleep at all. We spent the rest of the night at the livingroom with all the lights on.

Next day in the morning I took Emma to the babysitter and called out of work to take the time to find out what had happenned. I could not tell anyone, I've seen enough movies to know that I will be cosidered a complete nutcase. I went inside Emma's bedroom and into the closet. I searched behind her clothes, tapped the floor under her shoes, and finally checked the ceiling and saw that the burned prints stopped in the upper corner. I pushed placing my hand in the exact position of the handprint and the wood moved up, and I had discovered an attic entrance, eventhough I never knew we had an attic. I turn on my flashlight and pull myself up. There is not a spot in my body where the fear hasn't conquered, I could feel my bones thriving to get out because the unwelcoming feeling was more than what I could handle but I was not going to stop. I tried to look around and all I could see was dust, spiderwebs and some blankets covering what it seemed to be furniture. As I walked around I noticed I was not alone. I could hear something crawling behind me, dragging its limbs fast across the floor. I turned around but saw nothing, I gathered some courage and raised my voice to ask "Who is there!?", nobody answered. I asked " Am I alone?' and a wicked, broken female voice responded from behind me; " you're not who I am after...". My entire life froze between those words, I tried to turn but the cowardy was stronger. I could hear her heavy and dificulted breathing behind my neck, and her foul smell of hell as potent as her evil presence. She caressed my shoulder and smelled my hair slowly but loudly, like sniffing her prey. Then she said " I am here-hh... for.. EMMA... haha  he haha". That is when I finally turned and faced her, it was like seeing a nightmare brought to life.

 She was completely black like coal or burnt wood with tight skin. Her teeth were very tiny, toddler-like, laying one on top of the other in three lines up and down like some hideous shark anomaly, and her smile was wide from ear to ear. Her lips seemed to be teared appart along with her cheeks. Her eyes were glowing in the dark with a demonic stare, wide open, big and round. She had hands at the end of her arms and feet, with long uneven fingers and thick finger nails. Her body was bony and bent.

The creature said:

"I want Emma" continued by a long ugggh sound.

"What are you and what do you want my baby for?" I asked panicked by her petition.

"I am not a what, I am ah who... My na-ame is Martha" She said while bending her freakishly long body over from side to side, going about the attic like a four legged centipede.

"I want her teeth".

As soon as she said that I ran to the attic entrance hole and jumped down to the closet, I tried to reach to close when she grabbed my hand while trying to squeeze her body out the attic. It felt like acid just sinking in my skin probably the worst pain I have ever felt, an intense burn combined with the strength of her grip. I smacked and scratched her hand for her to let me go but all she did was hold on tighter, I was running merely going insane, had nothing near to defend myself with, I looked everywhere and she was getting out the attic about to grab me with her other hand. I bit her out of desperation, my teeth felt hot and preasured as if they were going to explode from the contact and the tip of my tounghe burned violently. When she let my hand go I ran down to the main level, and  to the door to get out that damn house. While I ran I turned around and saw her in her fours crowling behind me like a spider, slapping her crooked hands on the ground leaving a burned stain . I couldn't stop my eyes from tearing as my wrist was blistering in pain.


My fingers were an inch away from the door knob, and suddently I feel my ankle searing  between her bony fingers. I was dragged down to the kitchen as she pretended to take me to the basement next to the kitchen sink. I was scratching the floor as she dragged me, drowning in pain and fear and crying my last minutes away. I thought of Emma, what would happen to my child? She has no father, we have no family, all we have is eachother and if she loses me she would be all alone. I didn't want her to be alone, I didn't want her to grow up like me with nobody to take care of her, kiss her in the forehead, sing her songs to sleep or at least feel the warmth of a mother who loves and cares. I whiped my tears off my face, I was not going to let her decide my fate. I called her attention " Hey you ugly bitch" she turned around and looked at me surprised I would provoke her or probably just wondering if I was stupid enough to do so. She seemed like she couldn't believe what I had just said with her mouth open just staring at me with her eyes completely blank like white marbles. I dared my guts again and said " you wanna know where I am hiding Emma? come over here I will tell you, you sick cheap immitation of the grudge". Burning in rage she come near me threatningly, challenging me to keep up my act of stupidity.

"Do you know what I do to children? Like Emma?" she said as she got close to my face, " I drag their little defenseless bodies up there, the RIP their tiny heads right of their weak necks, and before I swallow their faces I pluck their peewee teeth to keep in my mouth as I reminder of how delicious that kid was". That witch said that and it's like something lit up inside me. I could feel my own fury running through my veins. I grabed her head with my two hand and closed my eyes and bit her, tearing out one of her eyes. I thought it would have burned but it did not, o the contrary her eyes were cool like ice. As soon as she jumped back from the pain I took a hold of the sink and reached for a knife. I turn to her but she is nowhere to be seen. I started to panic, she could be anywhere, I turn around and see her squirm in the ceiling and jump on top of me. I close my eyes and cut her not knowing where. When I open my eyes back I see her coming up to me with her left leg missing. I tried to escape her grip but she got me and smacked me on the floor.

She opened the basement door with a punch, I could tell I had really pissed her off. She began to drag me rapidly when I saw the stove and got an idea. i was forced down the basement stairs, I trid holding onto the wood steps but she got me all the way down to the cold cement floor. It was really dark in there until the heater turned on and the flames revealed her opening her mouth, scratching her chin down to her throat with her finger nail to make space to swallow me whole. She jumped towards me but I rolled to the right making her hit the ground. She got up in a fraction of a second and jumped at me again, and I swerved once more. I got up from the floor and stood in front of the heater when she jumped one third time, I got out the way making her stump inside the heater's flames. Her other white eye popped as she screamed in pain and agony, catched in flames slowly flaking to dust. I hold the heater door to shut her in but she blindly shoves her face out and bites my arm. I could hear my bone break beneath my cut flesh, I yelled " Get off me! Get OFF ME!" Shutting the heater door right onto her head, smashing her dead. I sit back grabbing my arm, the pain was unreal, it was burning and aching and stinguing at the same time. I saw her flesh turn to dust, and from dust to nothing. She just banished like black smoke out the window leaving a wide number of teeth in the floor that smelled like rotten meat, that was where her ghoulish smell came from.

I soon moved out to the caribbean where I met someone called Marco and started a new family with Emma, him, and our baby boy named Kyle. I had years without thinking about this gruesome experience, until I saw a burned handprint on the floor of Kyle's room.
































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