Journal of Damian

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Submitted: July 24, 2016

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Submitted: July 24, 2016



 I am Damian tessila like u care,  but i am 16 years of age and i am in 10th grade in east high. I got told journaling aka a diary would help my anger inside. They think this because i kinda got mad a few weeks ago because my girlfriend, Skyler myers, cheated on me.

Jeremy- i can explain
Skyler-please Damian it's not what it looks like i swear.
Damian- save it okay
Jeremy-please Dam stop •runs to him•
Damian-just leave me alone. I dont care about her anyway.

?back to scene?
This isn't the 1st time she been doing this guy brad. She cheated and lied to me about brad. She even had his number under lexie like okay, but back to the next day.

Jeremy- Dam wait up
Damian- what do you want
Jeremy- hey what's up
Damian- you know being a delinquent to my mom crazy to my teachers and stupid to be going back to you and skye.
Jeremy- please forgive me I forgive you
Damien- i trash 711 not much to forgive
Jeremy- dam please

Yes I'm a juvenile delinquent nothing serious kids drinking and stealing the whole deal until a month ago something else happened that got sent here.

•at park•
Damien are you serious right now you gotta be kidding me
Skye- da…
Damien- shut it you manipulative ugh.
Damien- you just wish the guy to guy like it's no big deal now you're with my best friend well so called find go I was just using you anyway it isn't like anyone could ever love you you are just a manipulative cheater that no one likes and you're just a big prick that everyone uses for popularity.
?skye starts crying?
Jeremy- you can't say that to her that's messed up bro.
Damien- you have no room to talk because when I was dating her you said the same thing.

Yes I know it was messed up to say but in all honesty she earned it what was I supposed to do what are walk around and jump to guy to guy like it's nothing and not warn people. So I had a art show later that month and yes skye and jeremy knew about it Sky wasn't going it was supposed to because cheerleading Jeremy on the other hand I didn't invite because of the fight. Skyler knew about it what we were dating Jeremy didn't. The only people who knew that I drew was Jeremy and skye I didn't like  at tell anyone because who honestly cares I didn't want to show up because of newspapers so I got Liam peters to play me my art name was Damon Hardin so no one knew it was me. He was an 9th  grade dropout because he thought that school wasn't important to him or his life

•April 28th 2015•

Damian-where is liam
Liam-•all high• hey you so what do I say
Damien- nothing much just answer a few questions and say how drawing opens a few worlds for you.

Sometimes i wish liam wasn't high I mean if he wasn't he wouldn't  to be a Dropout. So later that night I got a call from Jeremy.

•back to scene•

•damians phone rings•
Damian- Jeremy why are you calling me we aren't friends
Jeremy- why didn't you invite me art show I wanted to come because I knew it was you who drew it and I want it to to see it.
Damian- I didn't invite you because we aren't friends we haven't been why would I invite you to the show.
Jeremy- I'm on my way over anyway I don't care what you say or what u do because you have no control what I do because we aren't friends.
Damian- why do you have to be such a pain.
•loud crash•
Damian- Jeremy? Jeremy answer me!
Damian-*Hears paramedics in the background Hangs up the phone and runs home.*

Later that night I heard Jeremy got in an accident and didn't make it out I visited him at the hospital but it was no use he wasn't coming back and only one person's fault if she didn't get between us he wouldn't of got killed and we would have been fighting he would be the art show with me alive.

Therapist- what did you do to her

DAMIAN- what she deserved. Killed her. 

Therapist- How?
Damian- like this.

•Damian pulls a pocket knife  out of his back pocket and slits the therapist throat end after he kills him Walks out of the confinement.•


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