Wish i could see you again

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Submitted: July 24, 2016

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Submitted: July 24, 2016



Under the shining bright sun she sat there playing with her favorite  doll. Beside her was me playing along  with her. With all those memories of us in my mind I just wish I could see her once again. All her memories are closest to me even tho I want to forget them it wont let me. All the fights and all the talks  I now miss them. But it's late....I wish I could rewind my life to all those moments and live within them. Her name is  betty  she  lived 2 blocks away from me. My family and hers are good friends. So we meet everyday,since childhood she used to go to the same park I used to go to play in the evening we had loads of fun. She tease me because I was shorter than her and I complain about her to her parents. Years went by  we became good friends  she comes to do her home works with me and after homework we get pizza. Well sometimes we  do each others  homework to finish it up soon  so that we can enjoy some pizza. One day I got so annoyed of her that I literally pushed her from the stairs, I feel guilty for doing that but  we were kids. She got admitted for a week in hospital. I apologized her for that. She is sweet. After our advanced level studies our families decided to send us both to uk. Because if we are together it will be easier for us since we can help each other. We were in same university but we study different  things. We had a small house with 2 rooms  and we painted the house on our own. Betty wasted one tin of paint on me. She threw all the paint in the tin at me. It was fun to live with her. A few days after  we moved to uk I felt that there was a weird feeling inside me for betty. A feeling which I never had for anyone. But I tried to keep it to myself till I am sure if betty feels the same or not. But the same day when she came home and rang the bell I went to open the door and I saw that she was really happy. She wasnt that happy about coming home. She was so happy because she came home with a classmate of her. His name was peter, he was behind her on the walking path waiting to make sure betty is safe. As soon as betty got in he left and I closed the door. She pulled me towards her and hugged me  she was jumping up and down  of excitement. I told her to go to her room and relax till food comes which I had already ordered. When food arrived I called betty we sat at the dining table and I noticed that she was smiling. Very frankly I asked her for the reason behind her smile and she replied that it was peter and she thinks she likes peter.I was silent for a bit talking to myself. All I ever wanted was her to be happy and now that she is happy I cant  ruin it and make her sad. So I decided not to tell her about my feelings for her. Few weeks later  betty  gave a small party to  her classmates peter was there. I went to him to have a talk with him and get to know him. I frankly asked him if he liked any girl and he said he liked betty. After 30 mins peter reaches to  betty and he ask her out. I had a one or two tears roll down from my eyes but i was happy for betty. Peter was lucky to get her. I basically  had stopped talking to her much. Our friendship was falling apart she didn't have time for me. I didn't care about that. I was broken from inside yet tried to be strong  even if I talk to her for few minutes I think I might tell her about my feelings so I kept them written in a diary. Whatever happens everyday is written, since i don't have betty to share everything with. She is too busy  with her own life. During last semester I was out-of-town for 2 days and betty was alone in the house so I had asked peter and few of her friends to keep visiting her till I come back. When I came back from  the trip I got a call from peter he said he wanted to meet me  as soon as I can. So I went to his place to see what was so urgent. When I entered his house he was standing next to the window watching outside. Once I reached him he said slowly "why did u do this ?" I was confused and asked what I did then he lifted his right hand up  he was holding my diary. He had found  Out that I had feelings for betty. He apologized me and told me that he wont meet betty ever again and they are breaking up. I begged him not to do that. But he did. When I returned home everything was thrown  away as if a hurricane had hit the house.I went to  betty's room to see if she was ok. The door was locked. I called her out a few times but she didn't respond I got scared what if something wrong happened to her. I went outside andbroke the glass of window and opened it. I got inside  and  still no sign of her  I  went and opened the locked door  and I was about to exit the room untill I heard the noise of water running and I was sure betty doesnt bath in the night so went up to  bathroom and found that light was switched off. I turned the lights on  and opened the door it was the sound of water flowing through the bath tub to the ground. When I looked at the  tub  I saw that betty was in it but the water was in blood-red. I ran and picked her up. kept her in the bed. Then I noticed that she had cut her wrist. She tried to commit suicide because peter broke up with her. I was late.she was no longer alive. Everyday I miss her. Saw children playing in the parks and it reminds me of her. I just wish I could see her once again.

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