Book 'Grater'

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book 'grater' was a poem i wrote a while ago in my first year living away from my parents - i'm very obsessive about my books and i enjoy looking at them on the bookshelf and all of them being perfect especially when they're in a series i like them all to be the same size - however, my housemates of the time kept making jokes about them 'grating' down the books to make them the same size so my mind created this poem (n.b. i've never hurt anyone and i've never killed anyone, this is just what happened in my mind as a type of 'vengeance' towards people who joke about harming my 'babies' (books) - also 'boris' was the name of my housemate's big axe)

Submitted: July 24, 2016

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Submitted: July 24, 2016



It’s not just me, I like perfection,

I like the patterns, I like the order.

It all looks nice, it all looks neat,

It’s my obsessive compulsive disorder.


I love my books; my books are my children,

I buy my books to ready later.

My books are precious and that’s why,

My rage builds when I hear the word – Grater.


My housemates were fun, we lived harmoniously,

They said ‘Grater’, I became notorious!

My rage built, all I could see was red,

Then out of the blue, out came Boris!


It was amazing, the blood was everywhere,

Flowing out of wounds, it satisfied me to the core.

My books were safe, I packed them up,

Without a backwards glance, I headed for the door.


It’s twenty years later, my life is glorious,

They never accused me, my alibi was sound,

But from time to time, I look to my garden,

They looked and looked for Boris, he was never found.

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