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Submitted: July 24, 2016

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Submitted: July 24, 2016



I was sitting
on the concrete stairs
of the flats where I lived
in Banks House

when Enid's old man
walked up

I was fingering
cigarette cards
of racing drivers

he paused at the lower step
and said
where's Enid?

she was in her flat
a while ago
I said
I asked her
if she wanted to go out
but she said
she had to wait
to ask you
so I thought I'd wait
until you came home

he looked at me
his eyes tired
where are you going?
he said

East Street market
I said
I want to buy a fish tank
for fish I won
at the funfair
the other night

he looked at me
why'd you need her
to go with you?
he said moodily

give her a bus ride
and see the market traders
plying their trade
I said

I'll see how
she's behaved first
he said
if she's misbehaved
I'll slap her backside
and no mistake
and she'll not go

I studied him
wondering if he
was back to his old ways
the Mr Nice Guy
mask slipping

I said
I'll wait here

he walked past me
saying no other words
his footsteps heavy
on the concrete stairs

I wondered if she'd
be out and about
or if her old man
would find some excuse
to slap her one
and be as it was before
him being a pain
in the arse
maybe less
maybe more

Enid never showed
so I went off
to the market
to buy a fish tank
from a stall on my own
hearing in my inner ear
Enid's sad moan.

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