The Fight

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Submitted: July 24, 2016

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Submitted: July 24, 2016



Why can’t you see my smile

Why do you only see my scars


Don’t you see all these names are so vile

Why won’t you let me reach for the stars


How can you not care how I feel

How can you not see that I am a person too


Why do I have to live by the cards you deal

How would it feel if I were you


Do you like being called gross or fat

Do you like being called weird or a freak


What if someone said you look like a rat

What if someone told you your life is a loosing streak


How about if when you begged for help

And all they said was silly girl seeking attention


When every scream and yelp

Could never have enough extension


Wouldn’t you also get weary

Wouldn’t you want to give up


The last girl to cross your path is dreary

Because that girl had already been told to grow up


That girl begged for someone anyone

But no one came so now


Now that girl is done

She is stuck in a bow


She has lost too much blood

She can’t get up


She should’ve felt like a rose bud but you made her feel like a flash flood

Now she is on her way to Heaven where she can be built back up


Every day you see my scars and call me names

You bank on the chance that I am strong enough not to relapse


But I am weak and tired of your games

Today I can’t help but collapse


Tonight I will meet the last angel you made

Because her hand is the one guiding me to the light


Tomorrow I hope your games are done being played

Tomorrow I hope you realize we fought a hard fight


Please I beg of you stop making people fight

I promise if it were you you would also long for the light

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The Fight

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