Things We Lost

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Chapter 18 (v.1) - Things We Improve

Submitted: December 03, 2016

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Submitted: December 03, 2016




I watch Nathaniel through a crystal ball. I don't know when this is, it could be the past, present or future. That's the tricky thing about crystal balls, you never know what your looking at. 

Nathaniel looks like he just got out of war, he stands with a sword at his side and a shovel in his hand. He is burying the dead warriors. 

That's something we don't do on Malison. Here we burn the dead and spread their ashes across the stars. On Earth they give the death up to the Earth. 

Nathaniel is only human now, he will bleed, he will die. It kills me to think of that. 

I am alone here. Mike and Luke are sending letters that they will be in contact with us shortly. Those two won't stop till they are at the top of the whole universe. Ames hates me for being born before him, Vestry got send to who knows where and Dustan is missing in action. My sisters don't really like me all that much, they follow Ames around mostly, he teaches them things they need to know. Like I did with Nathaniel. 

Earth. I wouldn't mind being banished there if I got to be with Nathaniel. That's all I care about at this point, not my career, power or life, just Nathaniel. He buried the dead in the Earth. Earth is a weird thing, nobody knows quite how it go here, it just always was here. Earth is my key power. It is useless on a planet made mostly of metal and entirely useless in space. But I don't mind, I never wanted power anyways. 

But the death are given to the Earth, for earth to use. There may be more about earth and death that are connect then I thought. 

I keep going to the river to speak with Dustan, even though I know he can't hear me. I like to believe he can through his key power, water. I wash in the river rather then the shower, the icy liquid helps to wash off my pain and I don't notice the tears on my face. 

At night I can't sleep, Nathaniel's voice haunts my dreams. He is screaming for me to save him and no matter what I do I just can't. His ghost in my dreams keeps me awake every night. 

Mike and Luke had figured out what was inside of Nathaniel from the beginning, they tried to lead him down the wrong path, so he wouldn't end up like me, the disappointment. But Nathaniel found me one day meditating my the water. That was when everything changed in both of us. He took my advice and walk down the career path to become a doctor rather then a leader of Malison. 

Ames watches ever move I make, despite my struggle just to get him to go away. I have been through darkness just to prove that I am not insane to myself. I had to meet my father just to know his name. That's how little I know my family. 

Each time I think I am alone, I turn around and there Ames is, watching me with a glare from the distance. He is under my skin, full of jealousy and hate. 

Each day I go back to the river to talk with Dustan, because I need something to keep myself going. Dustan is the only thing I got.

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