Things We Lost

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Chapter 2 (v.5) - Things We Did

Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



I flew across town, around building and through parks. The people below me looked like tiny ants. I could see for miles, my vision was sharp as an eagle eye. I could see an old lady feeding the pigeons. A women eating a hot dog. Across town, my sister Larkin petting a wild bird. My vision spotted a boy child running out into the road, a car was coming from the opposite way. My wings spun me into action, twisting me to the child. My first real mission as a leader! It was so intense! 

"Link!" I heard his mother yell. She would never reach him in time. The car was gaining speed.

I held my arms out and grabbed the child, right before the car would have hit him. I wrapped my wings around him, keeping him safe. He was panting, his eyes still closed.

"My baby!" The mother ran over to me. I unwrapped my wings from around the boy, handing him to his mother.

"Thank you for saving my little boy." She cried.

"Anything to help." I smiled. "That's what a Zodiac does."

My first rescue. This was what I always dreamed about, now I could finally do it for real! I grew up watching my brothers on tv saving people or helping the needy. I wanted so much to be like them, now I finally was!

"What is your name?" Another lady ran up to me.

"I haven't decided that yet." I replied. "Sagittarius is my title."

"Your my hero." The mother told me.

"No their is not need for me to be a hero." I tried to say.

"You are a hero to all of us." Another lady said.

I felt very overwhelmed. I had never received positive feedback from anything. I didn't know what to do or say, I kind of just froze.

"Ok." I smiled, backing away from the crowd all dashing to get a look. "I gotta go now."

"Go on and save the world!" Another women cried.

I leapt into the air and flew away as fast as I could. I don't know if I can ever stand to have that much attention in the future. I might faint.

I flew on and on all the way back to my home. My house looked like a stack of blocks. Each block was a room for each one of us twelve children and dad. The building stretched up higher, which must mean my mother and father plan on having more children in the near future. My room was on floor seven opposite to Azun's room. Azun's room had the balcony doors open, so he must of been expecting me. 

"Azun I had the most marvelous of time!" I exclaimed. "Except for everyone overselling me."

"Your gonna have to get use to that now that your a celebrity." Azun jumped into his bed, crossing his legs. "What did you do?"

"This place is so beautiful from the sky." I exclaimed and fell onto the bed right next to him, my wings smacked against his leg.

"I bought you something." Azun smiled. He pulled out a plastic bag from his book bag.

I opened the bag to find a pair of sunglasses, not the cheap plastic kind but real adult sunglasses that could protect your eyes. I opened the package and put them on my noes.

"I love them!" I squealed and gave my brother a hug, his arms wrapped around me. 

"I love you." Azun told me.

"I know." I said. "I love you too."

"Speaking of love." Azun said. "Dad wanted to see you."

"Really?" I gasped, dad never wants to talk to me. This must be super important.

"He is in his office." Azun said.

"I will be back." I promised Azun and rushed out the balcony door. "Wait here!"

I jumped off the ground and into the air, which was so cold now that the sun had gone down. The cool wind swept through my hair. I flew past building after building over parks and train stations, till I arrived my my fathers office, the tallest building in Malison. He worked on the top floor, I flew through an open window and landed firmly on the ground. I was really getting the hang of this flying stuff. 

"Dad?" I called out.

"Favorite child." My dad stepped out of another room. "So glad you could make it."

"You asked to see me." I said. "I had to come."

"Your so funny." My dad laughed.

I didn't understand why he was laughing. I had to come here, if I didn't I would get punished or grounded. That was only if he would have mercy on me. 

"So I heard about your hero act today." Dad told me, he stirred his coffee.

"Oh, that." I ran my fingers through my brown hair. "What about it?"

"You saved a child's life!" Dad exclaimed. "That's serious."

"Sure." I said, I was still a bit unsteady about this new attention. 

Well, I mean I don't really understand why I am here. Dad could have just texted me that he was proud. Why would I have to be here in person? I only get to see dad like maybe five times every year. He is a busy guy and doesn't waste his time with his family, even if we are kind of the emperor family of Malison. He won't spend a minute with his kids but he sure spends a lot of time having kids. That much I have figured out for myself. I'm fourteen, I think I understand why there are twelve of us all super close in age.

"I would like to give you an award." My dad said.

That's why I was here.

"For bravery." He said, putting a metal around my neck. "And a special award for the favorite child of the week." He placed another around my neck.

"Thank you." I thanked him. "I didn't even know I won awards."

"And there are more on the way." Dad assured me. "The public is voting on what to give you."

"That's great." I avoided his eyes, looking anywhere else but him. 

"Also I would like to promote you." Dad told me. "I want you to be in the army."

"The army?" I gasped. "I don't think military is my style."

"Now it is your style." Dad commanded me. "You are leaving in three days, pack your stuff and say goodbye. You are going on a six year war journey to fight against the neighboring planets."

"But dad!" I argued.

"No buts." Dad yelled back. "You will go and you will win us this war."

I huffed, I felt like crying right now. One good deed and now this? I never wanted to do any fighting. I hated fighting in fact, there is nothing I dislike more. Also I do not have the body for a military officer. Hello! I have freaking wings! How will that help? Besides I have my whole future planned out.

"I don't want to be military." I argued. "I want to be a doctor. I want to make an impact on people's lives and help them."

"You can help people." Dad argued. "Our people. Win this war and you will save our whole planet."

"Your sending me to my death!" I screamed, my voice cracked, on the edge of crying. "No one has ever come back alive from that war zone."

"Then you make sure that you are the first." My dad's voice was filled with anger. "You will be a solider, or I will kill you myself."

Tears spilled down my face. Their coldness and saltiness burned in my mouth. I had the breathing thing going on that happened when you cry, your mouth goes dry and all you can do is breath fast and let more tears fall and no matter how many tears go into your mouth there is nothing that will satisfy you. I ran to the window and flew right out it. I didn't stop, I didn't go back home to Azun. 

I knew exactly who I had to go to for this type of problem.

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