Things We Lost

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Chapter 3 (v.6) - Things We Asked

Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



I flew till I was downtown. No cars were on the streets, no people roamed the city. All I could hear was the sound of myself crying.

Why would dad do this to me? All I asked for was to be a doctor ever since I was six. Dad agreed it was a great idea. Azun helped me plan my way through school so I would graduate at age thirteen and get my part of power at fourteen. From there I could make my way to becoming a doctor. It would take a lot of work but it would have been worth it help all those people.

I landed on the ground and tucked my wings behind me. These wings weren't so good for walking around. They got in the way a lot, I needed something to tuck them away so I could look mostly normal as I walked.

I made my way down a few shops till I arrived at my brother Vestry's shop. He was mostly a mechanic, but he doubled as a collector of things and antiques. He would be the one to have anything that would help me.

"Vestry?" I called out. The shop was dark but I knew he would be here, he never left the shop.

"In the back." I heard his voice. "Shops closed."

"It's Nathaniel." I called.

Dang it, I forgot that wasn't my name anymore. I had to come up with something better. Simeon would be a good name, I would rock at the Simeon says game. I want something more classy and old school style. Maybe something that sounded cool, like Enzo or Aros. Nah, I will think of something eventually. 

"Brother." Vestry came out from the back.

He had on some old stained overalls and a vest. He had the state of a small beard, his hair was black, tucked up into a greasy ponytail and his skin was dark brown but his eyes were bright green.

"What bring you down here? Shouldn't you be out enjoying your gift?" He set down a screwdriver.

"I need something." I got straight to the point, I only had three days. "Something to help me win a war, ultimate power but I need it to be travel size."

"That's quite a request." Vestry wiped oil from his hands. "May I ask what it is for?"

"It's kinda personal, but it has to do with me being in military." 

"You?" Vestry laughed. "You in the military! You got to be joking! You matured at the lowest age I had ever seen and they want to put an immortal fourteen year old into a battle field?"

"Vestry you know I have not fully reached maturity." I commented. "Everyone gets their power at age fourteen in this family. Why are you saying that I matured?"

"It looks like you have matured." Vestry replied. "Have fun being fourteen forever, enjoy the acne."

"I haven't ever received a zit in my life." I said.

"We all hate you and your perfect skin." Vestry huffed.

"You hate me?" I cried.

"No!" Vestry ran over to me, putting his hands on my shoulders. "I was being sarcastic. I think I got something that can help."

He ran around into the back and came back out to me with a frame and a coat. The frame was gold and rusty, very old. It could have been a mirror, there were shiny bits of pieces still in the frame. The coat was newer, tan and big. I think it was a long coat.

"This is the mirror that the twelve shattered pieces came from." Vestry told me. "The mirror still has a bit of each of the powers left. You can take it if you want, I will also give you all of my power."

"No!" I said. "Not your power, it's yours."

"I don't need the gift of healing." Vestry said. "It does me no good when I work with machines. You can use this when you become the greatest Doctor Malison has ever seen."

"I don't understand." I whispered. "How can I use all this to help me?"

"Win the war." Vestry said. "Bring peace so we all can be what we want to be."

He gave me the mirror. I know that Dad disagrees with him being a mechanic over fighting a war, looks like now we both have something in common. There was a bit of glass in the corners still. I felt the the mirror was going to break in my hands, it was so old.

"I also saw that your having a bit of trouble with your wings." Vestry gave me the coat. "Use this to cover them, it will work."

I put the coat on, my wings tucked under the armpits inside the coat. I looked normals now, except I was a fourteen year old boy wearing an old man coat. But at least now I could travel on land more easily.

"Hold onto my hand and the mirror." Vestry commanded me. I did as he said.

"Bring together the missing pieces." Vestry chanted a spell. "Of this mirror and of my piece give to flight all that you hold inside."

I remembered that Vestry went to Ratov, the magic planet, for a short period of time to learn tricks. The mirror glowed bright gold. I saw a stream of gold fly from the mirror and into my chest. Vestry's power left him and came to me. The streams didn't hurt when they flew inside me, they were warm and comforting.  When all the pieces came together in my chest, Vestry let go of my hand and took the mirror from me, placing it on a counter.

I lifted up my shirt to see a small golden glow flickering in my chest, where my heart would be.

"You now possess all the power that the twelve have and will eventually have." Vestry told me. "Don't tell anyone till you get to the battle field, don't tell dad I did this."

"Why not?" I asked. "He would be proud of you and me."

"He won't." Vestry assured me. "Trust me on this. Just go and win that war, then you can come back home."

I gave my brother the biggest hug I had ever given him. He wrapped his arms around me tightly. This may be the last time we ever see each other for all I know.

"Thanks." I told him. "Thank you so much!"

I ran out the door, taking off my coat and tying it around my waist. My white wings expanded around me. I took off into the air, I had tonight and two more days to figure it my power before I would leave to war.

Three days.

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