Things We Lost

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Chapter 6 (v.5) - Things We Destroyed

Submitted: September 27, 2016

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Submitted: September 27, 2016




I am no stronger then I was when I came. They weigh me before and after my week, I am the exact same, but something changed inside me, I am different inside but I am the same outside. 

"Report to sector 27." A guard tells me. 

I wander down the hall till I find number 27, inside there is only one man, a general, I know him the second I see him. 

"Ames?" I question. 

"Nathaniel." My brother smiles. "So good to see you, you have changed."

"I have no physical change."

"Daddy has offered me a chosen position." My brother takes the attention upon him. "He made me in charge of winning this war, well the right hand man of the second in charge. When I heard that you joined the fight, I couldn't underestimate your abilities."


"You can be the perfect distraction." He places his hands on my shoulder. "You can be the thing that makes this war over."


"Father always told me how much he loves me. He said I would be destined for greatness one day."


"Your being assigned on the front line." 

"No, Ames-"

"There, I know you will do great things and win me this war."

Ames waved his hand, telling me to leave. It was no use to argue against Ames, he was so narcissistic that you couldn't try to convince him that the sky was blue if he thought it was red. 

I followed a guard down the hallway, he lead me to the boarding dock, I took my final steps that will probably be my last. 

"Live or die." The guard smiled at me. 

"Aways succeed." I finished the motto. 

The door closed in front of me, there were around another dozen people with me in the ship. These people will be the ones to die by my side. They all were older, more advance then me in every way, twice my height and age.

"Group 27S." The intercoms spoke. "Heading into battle front station now, landing on Sawsue, East Galaxy." 

I looked out the window, Sawsue was a planet made of crystal blue water, barely containing any land. Every day since I was born battles have been fought on this planet, the residents have fled to different parts of the Galaxy, I remember when Dad welcomed the people to our planet and gave them jobs so they could care for their families. Either way my power of flight wasn't going to do me any good in water. Teleportation won't help if I can't teleport very far, neither will time. Light can't do any harm. Healing is a useless power anyways, the medics can heal me faster then the bullet can hit me. I could never master Earth or Water and never found out the other powers. Now I was sincerely regretting my choice of not working on water more. 

"Passengers file out the left side of jet." Ames walked out from the captains area. He grabbed a backpack and strapped it on, then pulled the side door open and jumped down towards the water. 

"Wait we have to jump?" I screamed over the air. 

"Yes child." A women yelled back. "Here take this." 

She handed me a pack, which I quickly strapped on. She and another man, probably lovers, jumped together out the side. I stepped up to the side and looked out over the water, I had no clue where I was parachuting to. I closed my eyes and leaned forward, falling through the air. I imagined my wings, spreading to catch me through the air, flying free. I pulled the strap and the parachute shot up, jerking me to a stop. I peacefully fell through the air, I could see the outline of Ames and the lovers on land, I aimed my feet close to them. The land I thought they were on was in fact not land. There was no land on Sawsue, I had forgotten that this was a pure water planet. What looked like land was actually just red water, so large you could see it from space. This battle on this planet had been fought for fourteen years, and in all that time the blood has never left the water, just gathered together as one. My feet crashed into the water, knocking me deep within. I released the parachute from my back and swam up, gasping for air. 

"Nathaniel." My brother snapped at me. "Quit your swimming childish behavior and get onto the life raft."

I swam through the thick pool of blood over to the life boat. I climbed inside in time to see another passenger fall in to the water, he bolted from the cold water to the boat. I looked at my stained hands, this redness was never going to come off. 

My coat however did not stain, thanks for that Vestry, it seamed to be water proof, blocking the water from making me colder then I already was. 

The rest of the group joined us on the boat, then Ames hit the gas and we headed off to the battle ground. Ames gave the controls to one of the women and went to a suitcase in the center of the ship. He unbuckled it, inside were our weapons. He gave guns with bullets to half of the group, the rest of the remaining half got knifes and swords. Ames gave me a bow, my choice weapon. At least he knew something about me other then the fact that I was replaceable. 

"Now!" Ames yelled. "You will travel out in this vessel and destroy the enemy line, do I make myself clear?"

"Sir yes sir!" The boat yelled. 

"I will wait for you at the base camp once you are done." Ames smiled, he knew we wouldn't see him again. 

"Yes sir!"

"Live or die." Ames teased. 

"Always succeed." The group yelled. 

Ames jumped onto the dock as we drove past it. The women controlling the boat drove away from it, leaving us at total mercy of our enemy. I could see ships everywhere, some big and some small. Our little life preserver wasn't going to do much against them. I scanned the ships around us, waiting for one of them to do something, anything. 

I saw it before anyone else, the ship just out of my vision shot off a cannon. I grabbed an arrow from my back, turned and shot all in one movement, the arrow hit the missile and exploded in the air. 

"Nice shot kid." A man commented. "That's not going to keep you from dying."

I counted the remaining arrow so had left. Ames only gave me twenty-five. I was already down to twenty-four. I had to be wise about my usage of arrows. I also had to be wise about this team, I could tell the only reason everyone was here was so the money. They could care less if they live or die. They got more for their families if they died. I on the other hand had something to live for. 

I saw another ship give off another cannon, heading right to us. Twenty-four arrows. I couldn't spare another. I jumped from the life boat, taking off my jacket in one swift movement. My wings spread out from my back, I lifted myself into the air, aiming an arrow at a ship cannon. I fired the arrow, it sailed across the sky. The life boat blew up upon the explosion, my team was gone, it was just me now. The arrow hit the cannon, exploding the whole ship. I could see three other giant ships, aiming their cannons at me. I attached another arrow to the bowstring. The three ships fired, all at me, I let go of an arrow at one of the cannons then dropped out of the sky and into the water. The two other ships missiles flew right at each other, destroying everything. My arrow caused the last one to be terminated. I scanned across the ocean, I could see no other cannons, only about ten smaller vessels across the sea. My wings stuck to my back, the stupid water, I couldn't fly now. I also couldn't aim very well while I was swimming. I had to use something else. The nearest ship to me was a hundred feet away. Close enough to swim, close enough to teleport. I slapped my jacket across my wings, tucking them inside. I placed my bow around my shoulder, cupped my hands together and concentrated on moving to that ship. 

I felt the water move away from me, I opened my eyes, my feet sat on the dock of the ship. A man, probably a private, screamed, drew his gun and fired at my head. I held up my hands, natural thing to do, even though I knew my hands couldn't do anything against a bullet. My eyes were shut tight. The bullet never hit me. I slowly opened my eyes, peaking at what happened. 

"Oh my!" The solider dropped his gun. "Sorcery!"

The bullet was inches from my face, frozen in motion. Hovering there like a cloud. Looks like my hands could do more then I thought. 

"Telekinesis." I whispered to myself, turning the bullet around with slow twist of my wrist. "Nice."

I snapped my finger, the bullet went into play, hitting the man, knocking him into the water. 

"Let's see what else I can do." I walked to the edge of the boat, the waves rocked the sea, distracting me. 

I pulled my wrist back to my chest and pushed forward, like when I practiced with light, a blue glow shot out from my hands, freezing the ocean to solid ice. I gasped, covering my mouth. The ships couldn't go anywhere, I could actually win this! I grabbed onto the side of the wooden ship for support, the ice was very overwhelming on me, I almost passed out. By placing my hand on the ship was probably the worst decision I ever made in my life. 

Flames sparked from my fingers, the dry wood leapt up in flames, dancing around the air and spreading itself across the wood. I jumped back, flicking my wrist, a lighting bolt striked the ice and water around me. Everything was filling with electricity. 

Stay on the ship, I burn, step on the ice, I die. Choices choices. My wings still weren't dry enough to fly anywhere. I was a bird caged with a cat, there was no escape or rescue. 

1-5, I used their powers. 7 was mine, I already used every other mysterious one but one, which I had no clue what it was. That left me with Destan's power, water. He went on a voyage to deepen his understanding, he was a very mental person, often took time to meditate after studies. That's it, meditation! I sat down on the ship and tried to think peaceful thoughts as the flames bursted around me, trying to consume me into them. 

I thought of flying through the air, drawing pictures in my bedroom, decorating cakes to enjoy, then I thought of Azun, seeing him again. I opened my eyes, thinking more about him, fighting for him. The flames leaped up at my feet, burning my skin. I slowly raised my arm, speaking through my mind to the waters, commanding them to move across the flames. 

Little spirals of ocean sprouted out of the sea and moved across the boat, disappearing as the flames smothered, turning the water to gas. There was nothing but a black ash boat and me. All other boats were destroyed. Nothing reminded on the ocean planet but me. I fell to my knees, overcome with exhaustion, tired from the countless powers I used. The whole planet was spinning faster then it should be, blurring in and out. I fell forward, my face slammed into the wood. Then everything went black.


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