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Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



The black robed monk
closed the huge book
his voice echoed
through the church
disturbing dust
from rafters,

et dixit Dominus
ad me,

Dom Joe found me
in the common room
and said I could come
the following year
so I did and left defeated,

parlare con me in tempi bui
the Italian monk said
that time in the cloister
before Vespers,

place a finger here
she said delve in
my silk purse
and I did
soft as kitten fur,

if every little flower
wanted to be a large rose
spring would lose its loveliness
Therese said
some place I read,

perdu avec à Dieu
the French monk said
as I was cutting the hedge
by the drive leading
to the abbey
and he passing,

she took my pecker
in her hand
and like a snake
charmer charmed,

the incense in the air
after Mass still there
at the office of Sext
and I sniffed it in
like one hooked,

Hugh made from wood
a bookshelf
for the common room
to hold the gifts of books
from guests who left,

George polished
the choir stalls
with yellow duster
and tinned wood polish
and elbow grease,

I wanted to lie
in the bed in my room(cell)
until midday sun
but the bell for Matins
tolled and I rose
at 5am to dawn's
dull light,

ecce homo
and I tried to behold
but my eyes saw
only shadows on walls
and mind caves,

Dom James wanted
to smoke but didn't
but nibble his fingernails
and the incense smoke
a reminder in the air
lingering there.

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