A Party In The Bahamas

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A group of people visit their friend in the Bahamas. After one gets kidnapped by a stalker and one is murdered, it's up fate to restore order. Story 1/6

Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



“One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four,” chanted Molly as she hula danced to the music. Molly the hula dancer and her friends Amy the Miley girl, Jacob the pervert and Brian the easily distracted guy were visiting Kylie the Human Dory from finding dory in the Bahamas for a party. Molly had decided that she wanted to impress everyone for the party, so she was learning a hula dance routine on the beach. The group had found a deserted island to do the party on, so everyone was able to spread out and prepare for the party. Molly was enjoying the hula dancing, but she wasn’t fond of the ridiculous outfit, which consisted of a giant turban and an itchy grass skirt. The turban was a few sizes too large on Molly, so it sat at a weird angle on her head. While Molly danced, Amy mentally prepared herself for swinging off of a ball four feet off of the ground.

“You can do this. Just climb on and swing!” Amy thought. She took a deep breath and leaped onto the ball. Her heart rate increased as she heard the chain clinking while the ball swayed from side to side. Amy leaned back and used her legs to propel herself and the ball forwards. After swinging for a few minutes, she was finally getting used to the ball when she heard a loud CLANG. She thought that the sound was from the ball falling from the ceiling, but then she remembered that she was still on the ball. Before she could stop herself, she released a loud yelp that almost sounded like a cat. She looked around furiously to find the source of the noise. About 10 feet away, Amy noticed Jacob the pervert attempting to get better at bowling using a coconut and some logs. Jacob had somehow managed to hit a large palm tree by throwing the ball backwards.

“Sorry,” he growled as he awkwardly ran towards his coconut. Amy rolled her eyes and got back to swinging. Molly was so focused on memorizing the dance moves that she didn’t even hear the commotion. Jacob sighed as he threw the coconut down and collapsed. Throwing his arms up in the air, he said, “I’ll never get this!” Brian the easily distracted guy walked over to Jacob and laughed.

“It’s not that hard! Even I can do it. I can do anything,” Brian mocked.

“Of course you can do it,” Jacob replied. “You’re good at everything. You can bowl, play bass, throw a disc golf disc, and you have had a girlfriend for like forever.”

“Most of those things just take practice,” Brian said, his temper rising. “As for your loneliness? Maybe you shouldn’t stare at other girls from behind and make out with every girl in the school then brag about it.” Jacob scoffed, picked up his coconut and walked away. Brian rolled his eyes  at how over dramatic Jacob was, and decided to go find his girlfriend. He walked about 20 yards away from Molly, Jacob and Amy and saw a small hut behind some trees. Brian knocked a few grains of sand off of his geocaching t-shirt and took a deep breath before knocking on the door. Kylie answered the door, and Brian gazed into Kylie’s eyes. She smiled at him.

“Hi!” Kylie said.

“Um, Hi!” Brian stuttered. He hadn’t seen Kylie for five months and he knew that he had to cherish all the time he got to spend with her- which was about a day.

“How’s life been?” Kylie asked.

“Well,” started Brian. “I haven’t seen you in forever which sucked, but it’s been alright I guess.” Kylie smiled.

“What?” asked Brian.

“I have a surprise for you later.” Kylie said. Brian smiled. Then, the two of them chatted and gossiped. Brian told Kylie about how Canada had been without her and Kylie told him about the group of people that she had recently met while living in the Bahamas. Kylie was in the Bahamas so she could get new inspiration for the movie she was writing.

“How’s your script coming along?” Brian asked. Kylie shrugged.

“It’s okay.” Kylie replied.

As the two caught up, Jacob, Amy and Molly started bickering about what color streamers to use.

“The purple ones will compliment the aura the rainforest gives off!” Molly yelled.

“No!” Shouted Jacob. “The red ones will look so much better!”

Amy rolled her eyes.

“You’re both wrong! I think we can ALL agree that these light blue streamers will look great!”

The three argued for about 20 minutes before agreeing that they would use all the colors for the streamers. They would have a purple tablecloth, light blue plates, napkins and silverware and red balloons. However, when they tried to tie the balloons up, they just floated away. Jacob let out a lonely, sad sigh as he saw all the red balloons flying around in circles in the sky. Amy put her hand on Jacob’s shoulder as he watched all of the helium-filled rubber fly away.

“I’m sorry, Jacob,” Amy said. Jacob sighed.

“It’s not your fault, Amy. I guess Brian was right. I do suck at everything.” Jacob sniffed.

Amy sat down next to him and looked at all of the clouds in the sky above them. Turning her head to look at Jacob, Amy said, “No you’re not. You just haven’t discovered your true talent yet. Everyone’s good at something. It just takes longer for some people to discover it.”

Jacob now had small tears streaming down his face. He smiled and looked at Amy.

“Thanks. I just- I’ve tried so many things in my life and I’m not good at any of them. Sometimes I wonder why I’m even here. My friends hate me and I can’t do anything. I’m not smart and I don’t have any passions. I just don’t think I have a purpose.” Jacob confessed.

Amy shook her head.

“Jacob listen to me. You have a purpose. Think of all your friends who are lucky to have you. All of our lives wouldn’t be the same without you. In fact, Brian and me wouldn’t have ever spoken if it wasn’t for you. And Brian and Kylie would never have gotten together if it wasn’t for you. Your friends don’t hate you. I promise.”

Jacob smiled and chuckled. Amy smiled and stared at him. She had liked him very, very secretly since 7th grade and even though they were like 10 years older, she still had a huge schoolgirl crush on him. She didn’t care if he was kind of a pervert or that he could be a total jerk. She still liked him. But she was almost positive he didn’t feel the same about her. Jacob continued to cry and Amy sat with him for a while comforting him. Molly, meanwhile, had started practicing hula dancing some more. She was so close to memorizing the moves and she was glad Amy and Jacob had gone to “who knows where” so that she could focus. Then, she remembered something. Brian and Kylie had been missing all day! She stopped dancing and tried to decide between finding them and not memorizing the dance or learning the dance and hoping for the best. She assumed they were with each other, but she wasn’t positive! After evaluating both of her options, she decided to keep dancing. Kylie and Brian were a lot closer to Molly than she had  thought, because Brian had started leading Kylie towards the area where everyone had set up the party. The two of them had been sharing many high fives after they gossiped about life, and couldn’t be happier. When Brian and Kylie arrived at the party, everyone greeted them loudly. Jacob and Amy had talked for a few more minutes before hugging it out and helping Molly with the decor. Also, two more of the gang had arrived; Charles and Helen had finally shown up with Logan for the party. However, Charles and Helen weren't aware of Logan’s presence as Logan had snuck along with them just as they were heading off.

You see, Logan had been in love with Helen since the 9th grade, but she always saw him as a jerk. He always tried to ruin any sort of relationship Helen was in, and it almost always had worked. Anyways, Logan was going to try to ruin the party and impress Helen. Logan ran quickly and sneakily over to a large boulder, where he would be able to hide himself from everyone before ruining the event. Shortly after, Helen and Charles clambered out of the boat they had taken to the island excitedly. Helen looked around, and when she saw Kylie she yelled and ran towards her. Mimicking Helen’s childish actions, Charles yelled and ran towards Brian to give him a hug,. Brian tripped Charles, and while Charles lied face first on the ground, Helen and Kylie giggled and gossiped away. Meanwhile, Logan had been taking advantage of everyone’s preoccupation by looking around for things to sabotage.

‘Let’s see…’ Logan thought. ‘I can undo all of these streamers and release the chain on that wrecking ball. That’s a pretty good start.’ Logan evilly laughed, and he cautiously crawled out from behind the boulder and darted towards the streamers. Logan reached the streamers, and as he began to undo them he found himself thinking about Helen.

‘She’s perfect for me. I deserve someone like her after all of the good that I’ve done. There’s no way that she loves me though. After all of the misery I have put her through, the only way she would be mine is if I held her hostage or something…’ Logan had finally tore down all of the streamers. Dozens of colored paper strips were littered on the ground carelessly. Logan snuck out from behind a tree after tearing down the streamers and ran across the rainforest. As he was running he soon found himself thinking about Helen. He almost couldn’t bear the thought of her; he just loved her that much. But he knew she could never love him. After everything he’d done to her in the past, there was just no way. Logan finally reached the other part of the party and began destroying everything. He took the batteries out of the radio so that Molly couldn’t do her hula dance. He released the chain of the wrecking ball so Amy wouldn’t be able to do any of her swinging. He hid the bowling pins and the coconut by throwing them into the ocean. And lastly, he started to destroy Charles and Helen’s boat so that they wouldn’t be able to go home and so that Logan and Helen could live happily ever after in the Bahamas together. Then Logan realized something, he would have to get rid of Charles. He pulled a few sharp pieces of wood off of the boat and threw them on the ground. After destroying a little bit more of the boat he moved the pieces one by one into a pond.

As Logan destroyed the boat, everyone had seen all of the damage Logan had caused.

“I worked so hard!” Wailed Molly when she couldn’t find the batteries to her radio.  “This has to be the worst thing ever!”

Amy saw her wrecking ball on the ground and sighed,

“Well,” she started. “At least I wasn’t on it when it fell.”

Meanwhile Amy and Jacob saw all of the streamers lying on the ground. All of the hard work they had done was carelessly thrown on the rocky surface of the rainforest.

Jacob growled, “I told you I can’t do anything right.”

He then started to sadly walk away, but he was stopped by Helen.

“Now everyone stop. Even though this party has been ruined, there’s still a way for us to have fun! I happen to have brought my cello, so I’ll go get it from the boat and you guys can dance!”

Helen walked away to the boat. When she got there, she noticed a few pieces of wood on the ground and looked around and went off to investigate. She saw the whole jumble of wood piled into a pond and realized that someone was sabotaging things. She sighed, got her cello and decided to keep it to herself so she wouldn’t ruin everyone’s day. Besides, she didn’t even know for sure if someone was sabotaging things or not, so why would she worry everyone? When everyone saw Helen with her cello, they all cheered and applauded. Helen sat down on a tree stump and started playing a variety of pop songs she knew. Molly, Amy, Kylie, Brian, Charles and Jacob danced happily for a while and Helen was enjoying herself. She then saw Charles staring at something in the jungle. She couldn’t see what it was, but she could tell that Charles was getting angry. She continued playing while keeping an eyes on Charles. Then, Charles strutted over to Helen and said, “I’m going to go have some alone time for a while.”

“Are you okay?” Helen asked. She wanted to know what was wrong with Charles.

“I’m fine.” He mumbled. “I just need to be alone for a while.”

Helen decided that she really couldn’t do anything at the moment so she nodded and Charles strutted away from the group. Helen gradually became more worried about Charles until half and hour had passed with no sign of Charles. At that point, she decided that she need to look for Charles - just to check on him and make sure he was alright. So she pulled Kylie aside and asked her to take over for a while. Kylie had played the cello since 4th grade so she was almost as good as Helen, who had been playing since 2nd grade. Kylie started playing a Bach piece that she had memorized while Helen followed Charles’ footprints that his feet left in the dirt. After walking for about 20 minutes, Helen heard a loud WHAM noise that sounded like a fight going.

Wait, Helen thought. Charles has been gone for so long. What if that’s him?

Helen ran towards the noise as fast as she could. She soon reached a small cliff that overlooked a waterfall about a hundred feet up. At the very edge, she saw a figure with its hands around Charles’ neck.

“CHARLIE!” Yelled Helen running towards them.

Charles’ assassin released his neck and Helen gasped when she realized that it was Logan that had been strangling Charles.

“L-Logan?” Helen stuttered in disbelief. She had always known Logan was a jerk from experiences in middle school and high school, but she had never thought that he’d murder someone!

“Helen, yes, it’s me my love!” Logan yelled. Charles was catching his breath in the background, gasping for air. “I’m in love with you, and I have been for what feels like forever. When we were friends in school I used to intentionally spread false rumors about you or whoever you were dating so that you two would split up! Remember when you were dating Aidan Plaehn? I ruined that. As well as many of your other dates. And I happen to know that Charles is in love with you, so I’m going to destroy him so we can be together! Don’t you see Helen? Don’t you see that all of this is for us and our future? Our happily ever after? Help me with this last obstacle and together we can live together forever! No one has to know about Charles. We can just say that he wanted to stay here. What do you say?”

Logan was standing two feet away from Helen and reached out his hand to her. Helen had tears in her eyes. She shook her head in disbelief and said,

“No, no, no… Why… Why me? M-My whole life has been a wreck since I met you. And you say that all of the pain and heartbreak you made me suffer… Was out of love?”

Helen was shaking in rage as she thought about everything that Logan had done. Logan stuck up his nose and stroked Helen’s head. Helen tried to step away from Logan, but he grabbed her arm before she could get away.

“Fine,” Logan said. “If you don’t wanna come be with me willingly, I guess I’ll just have to take you against your will.” Helen tried to scream but Logan covered her mouth. Using a large piece of wood from the boat, Logan thumped Helen on the head. Helen collapsed to the ground and Charles yelled loudly. He saw her limp body lying on the ground, helpless. He wanted to hurt Logan for this. Logan walked over to Charles, leaving Helen’s knocked out body alone. Charles backed up until he was about to fall off of the cliff.

“Bye-bye Charles.” Logan whispered. And in one swift motion, Charles was falling to the bottom of the waterfall. Logan had pushed him. Charles let out one final scream before his soul drifted away. His body cascaded down the side of the cliff and was soon at the bottom of the lake. Logan chuckled and returned to Helen.

“Come my darling. Let’s get you home,” he said carrying her legs in one hand and her back and head in the other. He walked into the rainforest. “Come, and I’ll show you what true love is.”

To be continued in: The Rescue Mission


© Copyright 2019 Kylie Clarkson. All rights reserved.

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