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Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



look that mirrior aint going till you decide to break the glass,

either let it pass or keep looking back,

at something thats temporary to last,

lifes surrounded by painful tears and laughs,

in its after math you can see whats really there to look back at,

amung those long cold nights of retreating and repeating,

staring back at that mirror till you end up sleeping,

is it the hurt that reminds you to feel ok,

or each memory that serenades over the thought of yesterday,

trying to sugar code the fact that,

it hurts to look back at,

a reflection that seems so dim,

u cant seem to smile back,

falling deeper within the crack,

but the pain reminds you of what it really is,

its ok not to be ok after all no ones perfect,

we all let go and hold onto things and people finding what truly worth it,

but theres no doubt that it hurts trust me i understand,

in finding what its worth not much people can,

they repeat and retreat then do it all over again,

so you grab a rock this actually took a few years,

but you throw it  directly at all those mirrrors,

as they crash on the floor you can hear each one shatter,

a tear drop comes down your face as if the diffrence didnt matter,

no smile nor sighn of laughter,

or any feeling of resinment after,

it felt like nothing held upon your heart,

but remembering everything each second you fel apart,

but this depression causes a in mind resesion,

not money but painful memories its collecting,

leading you no where when your just not accepting,

but with this outcome they say its all in your mind,

while our minds can sometimes be more deadly than time,

or any suicidle rhyme,

that seems to capture mine,

those broken mirrors hold broken memories that live upon us,

and that timeless pain that you just had enough of,

its the begining of the end,

soon youll be gone with the wind,

but watch those broken mirrors repeat all over agan.


© Copyright 2018 jacob morris. All rights reserved.

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