a lie for the good of reasons

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Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



is it the thought that we just cant furfill our dreams,

for the lies that we still hold onto are the ones that we belive,

i regret not trying,i dont regret what i just cant achieve,

they say i look like a faluire well looks tend to deceive,

its the money and power that then leads to greed,

and its time and patience that turns greif to releif,

i can look in the mirror and see beyond the light,

holding on to the memories through out the lonely night,

as my heart and my mind always tend to fight,

because they just cant seem to figure out which lie is right,

well within all the critism,it hurts when i feel less it,

is a lie amoung the rest hiding my perspective,

the truth is there while its reality is neglected,

With the truth hiding behind a lie,it won't be corrected,

But is it false to say a lie is always bad?,

When a lie for the a good of reasons can keep a smile glad,

For that temporary moment it can stand against the pain,

While eventually the truth will come out as if it'll hurt either way.

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