Teenager Talk

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Her name was Randy, but that didn’t matter, because everyone at school called her “jungle girl” or “shadow” or “ape”. But one person called her “Forest”, because she had dyed her hair the color of summer leaves, and she had a personality as bright as a meadow full of wildflowers.
Their name was Luna, but that didn’t matter either, because everyone at school called them “eggroll” or “Chinkerbell” or “it”. But one girl called them “Stargazer”, because at night they would survey the world through a telescope, and they owned smile that was as stunning as the moonlight.
There isn’t an adequate description for this love story, but I can tell you this: Neither of them believed that it was meant to be, but it felt like it was. And before they were everything, before the secret visits, before the prank on Mr. Morrison that really brought them together, before the train rides, and the bus rides, before the girl first heard the enby sing, before that one time, that one forgettable June day that happened years ago, all that they knew about each other was that neither of them believed that it meant to be, but it felt like it was.

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Submitted: July 25, 2016

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