that very own steriotype

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Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



well at the end of the day im just another foster kid,

trying to stay postive stuck in the real  world honestly iim lost in it,

with soome frinds who are nothing like me but i end up rocking with,

they no nothing of postive morals or respect and shit,

see i wonder should i show the world whats really steroiotypical,

yet ive been through hell while each steping stone was vividly lyrical,

one of my foster moms said when you grow up with nothing its more of a motivation to turn it into something,

i wanted a family not sypathetic loving,

i was lost in my insecurity with no complements that i was trusting,

but i had dreams of becoming somthing more,

than the people around me, you know the ones that i ignore,

they said i didnt have a future but i can only imagine what they had in store,

i can show you everything you think a foster kid could be,

or i can take that stereotype and show you what it should be,

growing up in fostercare isnt the lifestyle i chose,

i remember at one point i wanted to close my eyes and overdose,

listen to everyone and all the stuff they say they know,losse my hope and simply let go,

in my mind it was either that or wait till the minute i blow,

i can see now looking back that honestly i was more than that,

while my witing is kinda like my vivid past,

well we all can live by our very own steriotype,

with the poeple who say we ain't living right,

or you can prove them wrong and be successful in a better life,

just do you and live towards that brighter light.

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