a remedy disreguarded

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Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



i gueess all the words sounded better in my mind,

inside somewhere my hearts wisdom can collide,

i tried no matter how much ive cried,

to fill the fear with knollegable pride,

all the tears are my remedy left behind whats left in me,

i look apon them when im broken down sentementaly,

i saw yeasterday,i see today, and im looking for tomarrow,

i dont want sorrow nor a smile i can only borrow,

my lifes pain repeats its not like a box of choclates,

i cant just pick the moments i want and disregaurd the ones thats not it,

i have my future in the palm of my hands still trying not to drop it,

i sometimes feel like falling and loosing it all when my lifes nautious,

my foster mom always tells me i have a fututre i should live up to,

but honestly i cant escape the things ive already been through,

this poetry is a blessing for each second i feel less,

or stressed but damn... my lifes a mess.


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