never let go of the people who cared

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Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



im so tired of letting go of people in my life with the millions of memories that came with it,

it hurts and im not to stuburn to tell you that i miss it,

the pain is discripiptive which leaves my heart dismisive,

and now i cant change the fact that everythihngs diffrent,

we all want to hold onto the poeple we know,

would hold on to us too and never let go,

but i guess its not always like that some fairy tale dream,

i feel lost with nothing left but a fading memory,

of what it once was and whats now left of me,

im broken down inside, sentimentaly,

i hate leting go of the poelple i love,

its not that it wasnt enough,

but i just need time to figure out myself when time seems rough,

not allot of people would understand some of the things i go through,

and now its like i have no one to go to,

well every one cherish freindships and your realtionships thats there,

and never let go of the people that care...

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