our world of imperfections

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Submitted: July 25, 2016

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Submitted: July 25, 2016



they say even perfection has its imperfections,

im living in a world where pain is an obsession,

cut down and economicly its a recession,

politicly theres no diffrence because money tends to over power its elcetion,

these half way presidents who are supposed to make a diffrence,

tend to pay there own voters to vote for them  and listen,

i can see the youth in our society on drugs or sucidel,

what, is human life just trifle?,

i see families yelling at there kids while economicly there stressed,

money doesnt buy us happiness butt neither does debt,

i can see the rasicm in this world becoming more than global,

its kinda like theres nothing  not even whats hopful,

there are even police officers out there who are lost amoung there power,

theres riots and wars and the children scream lounder,

the worlld is messed up while we just have to wait,

mabye things will be better one day.


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