Cassius the Stallion

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To the bag of bones, Cassius, pleasure has its barbs.

Submitted: July 26, 2016

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Submitted: July 26, 2016



I had been in negotiation with old Bert over the purchase of his farm, which was really rough run country, for forestry conversion - which is altogether another story!

Bert's sheep run was gorse infested and he did not have any vehicle access, except at the very southern end, so he rode the bag of bones that was Cassius the stallion. Old Bert was a rough as guts bachelor, so there was seldom anyone at the house to tell visitors where he could be found.

One bright, sunny day I was looking for Bert and I found him beside his broken down sheep yards, sitting on a stool massaging grease on to Cassius' penis!  Old Cassius' eyes were rolling, not necessarily in ecstasy, by the look. I could tell he was not standing at all comfortably!

"What on earth are you doing?" I asked. I had been around and worked with horses but I had never seen anything like this before!

Kit, a half-draft mare was transferred to our forest as a logging horse to pull larch rails out of the bush and when she was finally retired, I gave her to Ralph, one of our workers who was interested in horses and in breeding them. Why he though Cassius was a stud, I will never know, but he had apparently decided to use Kit as a brood mare and taken her to Cassius for service. Poor old Cassius! When a mare has had enough of a stallion, (her decision) she is likely kick out at the stallion, a good groom should be aware of this, so I was told later by another Bert. Well, apparently Kit had had enough, so she struck out at the slow-moving Cassius, kicking him fair and square on his still extended penis! To put indelicately, it was still out of its sheath!

According to old Bert, the penis became hugely swollen and wouldn't or couldn't retract into its sheath! No, the grease wasn't being used as a lubricant, obviously, he pointed out, the extended penis was prone to sunburn, and so he was slapping on the grease as a sunscreen!

Life can be interesting sometimes, don't you think?


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