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the main character of the story named suresh lost his job in retrenchment. the story described his struggle for getting another job.

Submitted: July 26, 2016

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Submitted: July 26, 2016




Suresh was looking at the television silently. Instead of watching program, he was absorbed in his thoughts. He seemed to be unhappy to his wife Anita. She asked him, “What happened to you?” “Why are you so sad?”

“Management gave notice for retrenchment. My job is about to go.” He replied.

Hearing this she became silent for moments. He looked at her. She was shocked at this news. “What will happen now?”


Suresh said, “Heavens knows what comes next. I have already applied for job in some other firms. Lets pray to God.”

She said nothing and put her head on his shoulders. Both of them were worried about their future.


Suresh was an accountant in a private company. After completing his post graduation, it took him several months to find out a job of accountant in a private company. He worked diligently and earned a reputation among other employees. Although he always tried to find job in another companies but in this age of tough competition he could not to do so. After two years of his getting job, his parents decided his marriage with a girl named Anita from a middle class family. He was not ready for the marriage. He wanted to get married after getting a better job but his parents did not wait more for his better job. He had to surrender against his parents’ wish.

After marriage he along with her wife was living life in middle class style. Anita found a job of teacher in a school. Joint income of both of them was sufficient to fulfil their all requirements. Now they were planning to give birth to a child. He had been working in this company for the five years. During these years he always tried to find another better job or find a part time job but there was no space for him. Now a danger of losing his job was approaching him.

That night he could not sleep. Next day he decided to take a leave from office and search for a job. His next day spent in surfing of job sites and submitting applications in internet. In night when he got free from this dull and depressive work he ran to the nearby pub along with his friend who too was in search of a job. In pub sitting in a corner the talked for the long time and took too much drink. Being lost control over himself after taking too much alcohol his friend said him “In case if I get fail in getting a job I would do anything legal from selling vegetables to pulling cart for earning money. I don’t need to feel ashamed in adopting any legal way of earning money.”  Suresh remained silent at his argument. He began to think something.

He returned home late night. Anita was waiting for him. She opened the door and got shocked seeing him in state of intoxication. He entered the home staggering and proceeded straight to the bedroom and fall down on the bed without saying to Anita.

Next day Anita was upset over what happened at night and was preparing the breakfast. Suresh awoke late in the morning. Without speaking anything to her he was reading a newspaper in drawing room.

“Take the breakfast”, she said to him putting a dish and plates on the dining table. He stood up from the chair and reached the dining table and without saying a word again began to read the newspaper. She put before him a plate full of breakfast before him. He left the newspaper and said, “I am sorry for my coming late and in drunken state.” 

She looked at him and said, “It is ok. But don’t do it again.”

 “Actually last night Pradeep forced me to take a wine with him in the pub. I had to accompany him. ”

 “Well, how is your Pradeep. What does he do nowadays?” she asked him.

“He too is searching a job.” he replied.

She said, “Like you.”

He looked at her with smile and without replied her began to eat breakfast.

She looked at him and said, “don’t worry I am with you.”

He raised his head and looked at her with affection and said with worry, “I know you are with me but what about our future. We will have to suffer great financial difficulties. In this time of hiking prices of all things how will we survive? And in case I lose my job and fail to get another job, alone your income would not sufficient. She was taking breakfast listening to what Suresh was saying. She said nothing on his argument. After taking breakfast she went to school. After some time Suresh too left the home to check his email in hope to find response from any employer. Having found no response from anywhere he returned to home. In evening when Anita returned home from the school, found him alone and worried. She made him agree to go with her to watch a movie in a theatre.  

After some days happened what was feared by Suresh. He was removed from the service. Both of them wept for hours that day. It was very time for them. All the responsibility to run the family now was on Anita. All their future plans were suspended for long time. He was now thinking just for the survival. Sending applications for jobs and preparing for the interview was only work to be done by him. She was with him in his struggle.

And one day Anita gave him the news of her being pregnant. He was very happy that he was going to be father of a child but at the same time he was worried about how to meet the expenses on giving birth to child and its caring.

He started to work as a private tutor in order to earn money for fulfilling the requirements of upcoming child and its mother. He gave sufficient attention and time to tuition. It appeared to him a good source of income. Now he was more confident as he had his own employment.

Anita had to take the leave. Her time to give the birth to baby was approaching. Both of them were eagerly awaiting baby. And a day came when Anita gave birth to a baby. Both of them were happy to become a mom and dad. Anita had to extend her leave to look after her baby.

 Suresh’s income was not sufficient to meet requirements of his family. He had to depend on the money he deposited in banks in his good days. Some weeks after she returned to her work and the financial condition of the family improved to some degree.

One day Suresh got a call for interview from a reputed company. He reached to give interview with an almost no hope to get job. His interview was satisfactory. Actually he was tired and sick of giving interviews and had set his mind for working as a tutor. Although his income by working as a tutor was low, he began to adopt himself to this profession.  After interview he didn’t care much about its result. He almost forgets about it but one day when he was playing with his baby, he got a phone call saying he was selected for working in that company.  The Salary and perks offered by company was attractive.  He immediately accepted the offer and soon joined the company. Now he and his family were out of the troubles.

© Copyright 2018 Sumit Kumar Arora. All rights reserved.

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