Private Grandma

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Our town elders are usually seen as living documents or portals of days long past. Frail and innocent and often judged by their weak or off putting exterior. To some our predcessors shouldn't be able to make a move without some form of strict supervision, while the remainder tends to worship or cherish the love and wisdom that is given with little to no expectation. But what happens when the most diabolical fiend comes gift wrapped in the form of a grannies smile? She loves her neighborhood children, and the original homes of the oblivious offspring.

Submitted: August 08, 2016

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Submitted: July 26, 2016



oh granny oh granny 

how we fancy our granny

the neighborhood speaks

of our granny so sweet

our parents they love her 

we children adore her

whimsical and whitty 

no bangles or ditty

squabble amongst us

are settled with 

her cookies and milkies

all day we see her smile so bright

then and only then 

guidance hails against our folly to be out at night

but day is due oh yes it's due in an our or two

now everyones here yay everyones here

friends and birds without thoughts of fear

but where is daddy i saw him before bed

if mommy doesnt get her wish he could only wish he was dead

i searched then we searched 

no hide nor hair or even daddys smelly shirt

so mommy waited on the porch like a bird to its perch

question i did would daddy be home

mommy owns answer was nothing short of that of a lawn knomes

but a noes knows yes a noes knows

mommy could we visit granny 

the air was filled with stern and sharp no's

but granny baked cookies so we fled anyway

had to hurry or mommy would make a stay in the night before play day

we made haste to grannys home 

we looked for the lights but found none 

not high or low

hope was almost given up until we heard a shout

to the back of the house we went we the speed of a frightened mouse

quiet just the same

while we peeked inside a grannys back window

and what we saw were not things of joy

no cookies or old toys for the boys and girls

big shiny things you would see in daddys shed

and across the room with on the table sights that would make our hearts shriek

head and more heads from those who might have been missing for about a week

granny is our granny how could she fancy something macabre instead of dandy

i squeaked so we squeaked at the possible rotted piles of meat

granny looked and vanished into the house with no sound or peep

leave we must and leave we shall 

making our way home suddenly came a stomach 

with a frown and a growl

run for the gate for our homes are safe

yes they made it home but left me as bait

captured and captive to the basment of our granny

horrified that granny could fancy something so macabre and not dandy

granny walks closer as i quiver with fear

she pats me on my back and says " it'll be okay calm yourself my dear" 

but you're our granny how could you eat that which isn't sweet

its easy fairly simple my dear

her grin said it with much jolly and queer

what could be more delightful than a treat 

of daddys own meat.

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