Contradictory Rainbows

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Two totally opposite poems about rainbows.

Submitted: July 26, 2016

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Submitted: July 26, 2016



Contradictory Rainbows

Red, the colour of flaming passion,
Roses, hearts and love,
Summer fruits and summer berries
All of the above.

Orange, the colour of a sunset sky,
Long drinks on a summer's day,
The warming glow of a loved one's words
When they heat those blues away.

Yellow, the colour of so many flowers
Bananas, lemons and honeydew,
Golden beaches, shining sun
If that appeals to you.

Green, the crisp and tasty apple,
The grass that cushions you,
The fresh and vibrant leaves around,
The promise of all that's new.

Blue, the colour of summer skies,
The gentle lapping sea,
The cooling balm to too much heat,
A calmness of all to be.

Indigo is a summer's night Indigo,
When you lay beneath the stars,
A velvet wrap of softness
That erases any scars.

Violet, a soothing purple haze
A mix of red and blue,
When cold and hot is balanced,
The colour when love is true.

This rainbow is just one of trust,
Of hope and so much love,
You are one lucky person
If you relate to all above.


Rainbow 2

Red is anger, red is hate,

Poisoned apples, poisoned words,

Blood and danger, red means stop,

Believing is absurd.


Orange, the colour of warning,

Being prepared to stop,

The citric sting to a gaping wound

If you allow your guard to drop.


Yellow, the colour of cowardice,

Back away from what you believe,

An oozing stench of weakness

When defeat you do concede.


Green, the colour of jealousy,

Your want is just so great

The acrid, bitter, venomous snake,

A depiction of your fate.


Blue, a numbing ice cold pain,

A shock that pierces hard,

A misery that just won't go,

A stab from a glass shard.


Indigo, I guess a rainbow's black

The nearest that it's got,

For that downward pull of hopelessness

It really tops the lot.


Violet mist, it clouds your gaze,

It obliterates your sun,

It holds you in abeyance,

A lost and lonely one.


A dark and dismal rainbow

This one has come to be

Where depression and downheartedness

Reach out to swallow me.

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