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The story is about a father who does not tell his son about his real profession.... at the time before his last fight the son knew's his secret...

Submitted: July 26, 2016

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Submitted: July 26, 2016



Making of a perfect man is not just is education, his lifestyle, his strength or power, that matter’s that is attitude, self-confidence and will power. But this story deals with the sacrifice made by parents for better future of their children.

Darren Salabaster was an professional taekwondo master, being less educated, winning fight’s for living were most important for him. He had been married to Jim Salabaster, who was the only child of her father, Jerry Marristone. Money wise they were neither so good nor so bad. After one year of their marriage Jim gave birth to a boy. Whole of the family had conflicts on naming of the boy, father had decided the name of boy as John, mother was stressing on name Steve, at last they came to a final decision on name of boy, Sam Salabaster. Sam had been always good in studies from his childhood. Her mother was afraid that if he will know that his father is a player of not-so-respected game, it will affect his future. So both the parents came to a decision that they will keep it from Sam. Soon and soon as Sam grew up, he began questioning his parents that what his father does? The mother said lie that his father was a businessman. He passed his graduation in division A* and got scholarship for his future education.

After three years Sam was mature enough to be told the truth but it was very difficult for the parents to tell about it. One day Sam was searching something on internet that he found an advertisement that was related to taekwondo and this brought a craze in him about it. He began researching about it and there he got to know that his father was the only 9 Dan Black Belt of that state. Hence he was proud of him but angry of them also as they keep it from Sam. At last, the story has a happy end with his parents telling all the truth and reason of keeping it from him.



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