Girl, who lost her life

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girl;s life story which is horrible
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Submitted: July 27, 2016

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As all the true stories start with dates,time and weather but in this true story there is no beginning of chapter with date, time or year. it was past event of an old lady daughter who lost her life in part in front of many mans.    

One day, when i was hanging around in park with my brother and small sister, i noticed an old lady sitting near me on next bench crying but it was clear that she was hiding her tears. I found her in Romania backrest on my tour to Europe. I was attracted by her sad face. Her age was almost between 50 to 60.

I didn't know her personally but she was only as a friend who need a cold shoulder in time of sadness and worries. I joined her on coffee shop where she was working as a servant. I  requested many times to have an talk with her but refused. At my last appeal she agreed but asked me to have an coffee at her home. I agreed and went earlier morning.

When i reach at her home, i noticed that her home was as wrecked as she was from inside. I was crying own my own to courage myself. After coffee was ready, i asked her that what happen to your daughter. I was not knowing that she had a daughter but when i saw her photo, i was clear that her daughter is dead. she said to me that it is horrible story you cannot understand. But i resisted and she started her daughter's story with reference to her story.

I (MARINE) was from rich family and my boyfriend (john) belong to poor family. Our families were far apart from each other so they didn't agreed on this decision of mine. So we decided to marry in church and went far away from our families but this life was not successful because all the bad lucks were following us.John had rent house and he was fired from job when our daughter was to born. He was not happy with child. In worry he committed saucier when i was in hospital and our daughter was born. The news was too bad for me too. I lost my rent house because of hospital bills. Poor (Allie) born without father love. I took Allie to my parent house but there I got news that they moved on and not told anyone about that. I was now helpless but i was looking forward only for my daughter Allie. I buy again an rent house and started working at this coffee shop. time passed and my daughter become an doctor at age of 28.

she wanted to marry jack her boyfriend who was also doctor.I was happy for my daughter so i agreed for marriage and my daughter was married on Monday. Allie went to jack's home but i stayed her because i don't wanted to distort there happy life with my sadness.

I choose to live alone but after 2 months of marriage she was suddenly disappeared. News was that she had been kidnapped. I and jack were too worried about her that we called police but still no sign of her. Two years passed without her. Jack was checking every old place where kidnapper could be but still no use. After almost three years she called me from PICO and said: ?Mom, i am pregnant and i will not return home because i am finished, sorry jack. I was innocent but life cheated me.

We called back but no answer.jack almost given up. He went back to his home town and continued his life. Jack given up because we  thought she is dead but after five months of same year some people arrived with coffin. I was shocked at that moment. Can someone imagine that she was my daughter in coffin. so horrible was it to me that my daughter's life ended before starting.

The old lady stopped at this and requested me to go. I was understanding her feelings so, i left. soon after i tried to visit her again but door was locked. i wanted to know that what happened next. after a week, i found her on other side of road selling flowers but when she saw me, she started to move away. i was confused that what make her fear of me. i was thinking that she doesn't want to told me all the story. i finally get her on Sunday evening in her home. she was shouting at me to get out but i was requesting her to tell after that. she agreed on a promises that i will keep the story secret.

??Alice (Fontana) was kidnapped but when she was taken to me in coffin, she was holding a dairy that tells the next story after her kidnap. she was kidnapped on road by some gang stars and they wanted to rape her but there boss said one businessman wanted her for him. so they stripped her and touched her whole body.the next day the businessmen arrived and taken her with him. there she was raped by many mans in a hotel room and finally send to another country where she was sold in club as waiter but she escaped and went to an friend. there she was told by doctor that she was pageant. she decided to give Birth to baby. she decided to never go back to her home town. after the baby was born, she was in serious condition that she died. her friend send her body to me in coffin.?

???I asked, then what happened to that child?. where is that? she answered that ; after her death twenty years passed. i don't know where is child because her friend said to me that her child is dead too. but i know my grand daughter is with robin. when ever i strayed to ask him, he says that she is dead.

?I was too upset with old lady story that i wanted to help her. I checked at robin home but he was death too. i only found few pictures and a pen writing that was written by almost 15 years old child. the page was five years old. something was written in roman, i translated it.

  1. ?my name is Marisa Fontana.
  2. i love robin uncle.
  3. ?i am 15 years old.
  4. ?my mom Alice is death.

??I was shocked to read this because luckily Marisa was my friend at university level. i decided to ask Marisa and i was right. Marisa was truly daughter of Alice and she was happy to know that her grandma was alive. I picked her from her home and arrived to old lady home. but there were people around home. i was knowing that something happened. the old women was in her sleep and we took her to hospital but badly she dead after seeing her grand child. she gave her the dairy of her mother and died. i was crying on that part of story. after that Marisa shifted to another country for job and she is happy with her family and her Childers and i never met her again to disturb her happy life style. you see that life contained ups and downs but we should stay claim and strong because after every bad dark day we get bright sunny week.













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