the night of a new truth

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
it is about a personal experience yet with a twisted fantasy . a girl tries to get over her fear of the dark by staying out all night but ends up meeting a demon !
a twisted romance between the two and a night full of adventures

Submitted: July 26, 2016

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Submitted: July 26, 2016



Everyone is scared of the night and darkness

It is the place where our deepest nightmares are born

Me, myself, is scared of the night

You know what the worst thing about the night is

Is that you cannot see anything

You cannot know what’s going happen or what’s going to appear

You can’t help but being scared

One day I thought “Why not try to get over my fear?”

So I waited until the darkness has covered it all

I cannot see anything

But the shadows of the trees

Complete darkness !


I stepped carefully

Trying not to make a sound like there‘s monster sleeping out there

My sight weakened as my other senses sharpened

And I become so afraid just to the sound of the wind moving out the trees’ leaf

And so my imagination took wild

I started imagining demons, werewolves, vampires, creepy dolls

Any kind of a scary creature that got out of a horror movie

I kept hearing the loud sound of my heart beat rhyming with the sound of the wind

And I tried to think about happy things

 I started thinking about silly things that will take my mind away

I sat on the grass and I listened very carefully

Staring into the deep darkness

Like someone waiting for a fateful meeting


After a while I thought that if I started talking to myself maybe I won’t feel scared

And so after a lot of courage I said “Ahhh! What a night “

“It is such a beautiful night”

“You know maybe I should do this again?!”

“You know…looking at the moon…if there was a moon?!”

(I said that with laughter)

“I wouldn’t mind sleeping under the stars”

“You know it is funny how people start to imagine scary things in a dark place all alone “

“But after twisting it around in my mind I find it more interesting than scary!”

“Well of course if it’s not a creepy doll that showed up to kill you or to tear your organs out!”

“I would love to meet someone that it’s not natural “

“I seek adventures and…normal’s boring “


“What’s that sound?”

I said that with panic and I felt like my heart almost jumped out my chest

And swirled my head around looking for that sound

And suddenly a pair of glowing eyes was facing me

I lost my senses and all that heard was the heavy sound of my breathing

And my body bombing the floor

Everything went pitch black!


(What is this?)

(What is this feeling?)

(It’s like there are many hands touching my body)

“Hey, wake up…”

(Who is it?)

(Whose voice is it?)

“Wake up you idiot!”

I opened my eyes suddenly to find some stranger beside me

I was so socked that I pulled out from his arms and I glued my back to the tree

I tried to look at his face but it was too dark

 (Is it a criminal who’s going to kill me?)

After a while the moon showed up from beyond the clouds giving me enough light to recognize him

But I was completely dazzled!

It was a handsome boy with pale white skin, dark black hair and yellow glowing eyes

(More like amber than yellow)

Even so I said ‘who are you and what do you want “

He looked at me with angel-like eyes and I thought “maybe he’s a nice guy “

But soon his expressions changed and gave me a reply with a laughing tone

“This is what I find?!After traveling through worlds!“

(Traveling worlds???)

“I thought I’ll come here to play and this is what I find: a plain-looking girl “

A moment of silence has passed leaving us looking into each other’s eyes


to be continued




© Copyright 2018 A.goldfeather. All rights reserved.

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