life was never needed

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life was a question his entire life but now he realizes that everything that life was perished in front of him.

Submitted: July 26, 2016

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Submitted: July 26, 2016



I Wish I could Restart


This is a story of a boy who had everything but failed to use them.

The story begins as a child when he was seven.

My parents were rich people who always gave me everything I was spoiled actually I was mentally cherished. In my life I was beat since I was never able to meet my parents expectations so when ever they gave me something it felt as if god itself has showed his kindness to me, and I used those item and pretended that they where my parents. Untill I meet her she saved me from this deep darkness that I thought I could never escape. My parents went to a conference with their rich people friends as I would call them back then. I was in a corner alone since the other kids never want to get close to me untill a specific girl came and asked me a question what is life she asked. I looked into her eyes and they were the same as mine I could see the scars on her arms and she looked like she couldnt stand anymore. In so realizing that I answered with "I dont know". Afterwards she turned and smiled saying lets find the answer togetore and so started what I wished never happened. In 3 years I was ten I never forgot the words she told me so I never realized she was in my school because unlike me she was full of life when I saw her face she looked happy unlike that day but here eyes were still the same. In the past 3 years my parents called a dieseas called pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis when they went to fuji for vacation leaving me in hopes to die instead the oppisite happened. So I was left on my own for 3 years which prepared me for the future. Then after a couple of months I was grouped up with the girl I saw on that day which changed my life we were in math and I asked her the exact same question she told me "What is life" . The girl ended up crying in joy but the teachers thought diffrentally after this she told me lets find it togetore smiling at me again, I couldnt understand how she could be so stong she had thought I died with my parents the only person she was able to be true to know that they both know what pain is before all the other children even faced it. I told her what happened and she said you must be happy knowing your parents died before mine what she said was true and in a thought of hearing that I laughed. She joined in on the frey and we sad lying to ourselfs and so we kept talking and talking this was a new for me I started holding conversations that I never knew I could hold for so long. Every night I cried myself to sleep all I had was the money they gave me which I could afford anything have anything and do anything we both were so alike I thought as I tried to sleep. We became good friends and so we thought what life was untill highschool where in the summer she changed. When I saw her she looked different not worrying anymore and had people everywhere willing to talk to her I thought did she find the answer without me but that wasnt it. The thing is she found somebody in her life and boyfriend when I heard this I felt something worse than the beatings that my parents gave me my heart was broken this feeling was a new pain to me. We stopped talking no that inst it she not allowed to talk to me that man was restricting her hen ever she tried to talk to me the boy appeared. But I didnt know that and I failed a suicidal attempt at that time and nobody showed up except for the girl asking what is life. I cried and told her everything and so she explaind since she no longer had any money she has to marry this man just to get by every day. I asked her if you could go with anybody except wit him would you do it and she said yes crying knowing what I would ask her "Would you marry me Annebella" I asked and the answer that I would regret the most in the future was yes. I moved out of the country with her after having a fight with the person that she was living with. We were out of highschool at the time and she asked the question "What is life" less and less even after I kept pursuing it further and further. I finally bought a ring and proposed to her correctly this time we had the wedding by ourselfs since we knew no one would come we where always on our own all we had was each other but I didnt know that. I kept on using the money my father had saved up and said at least he left me enough for my family. Years had passed we didnt ne a job so we were always togetore and so Annebella asked me can we have kids with that after a couple of months she got pregnant and we were happy but she lost the ambition to answer what is life. But then my wife was hospitalized I was happy our kids were about to be born but then the doctor called me. Your wife will die in the operation she knew but didnt tell me since Annebella doesnt want me to worry and so I complied ans stuck with her till the end smiling like that day we first met. I was 31 at the time and she game me her answer of what is life because she found a long time ago. I was crying not knowing how she said "Life was always standing right next to me Mark." She called my name at the end. I had died yet again alone forever no I said I had the kids she gave for me I gave her everything not out of love but unconditional but not to her ,since she was living for me and I could not figure that out. I regreted meeting her and wishing to go back saying you could stay with me but I would do you no good as a husband no even before if we didnt meet I could have died alon but if she gave birth she still would have died I cried. I raised my son and daughter I gave them everything with love and cherished them untill they were old enough to move out and get a job I gave them all I had. Only to tell them to vist me once or twice a month I was 60 and so I thought would I think the world is cold when I get to 70 or will my kids still remeber me untill I finaly collapsed got thing our kids were her right? I forgot she was dead I saw the fiance and bride of my two beautiful children and I asked them both what is life and they said "Its all standing right in front of me" I died happily know that they got the answer before me I laughed able to see my wife again and tell her "I Love You".

The end sorry if I mispelled some things you probably wont read till the end haha to my future people who think the same as me


What is life

Why is life

Life is useless

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