Princess and the Pauper-Forbidden Love

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Kimberly (Kim) Hamptom is an 18 year old princess. Her father has set to betroth her to Prince Mark Skidmore of France which she isn’t happy about. She only has two friends; her ladies in waiting Lady Angela and Lady Kara Soon a Kitchen boy; Leo Wood is hired 18 year old (who has actually been hired by Kim’s parents to be her bodyguard as she had refused for one in the past) Kim finds him interesting and mysterious and when she leaves the castle he joins her. He begs her to let him be her bodyguard she refuses at first but then someone tries to attack her and he saves her so she accepts his offer. Over the months they spend together slowly fall for each other. What will happen?

King Arthur and Queen Molly, of England
Princess Kimberly Josephine Melody Hamptom betrothed to Sir Mark James Harold Skidmore of France
Lady Kara Danielle Merald married to Sir Shaun Jonathan Higginbottom
Lady Angela Emerald Bisset married to Sir Joseph Henry Bisset
Leo Wood (Scullery boy-washes dishes and works in the kitchen)

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Submitted: July 26, 2016

Prologue: King Arthur and his wife Queen Molly of England are in their royal bedchamber after Molly being in labour for several hou... Read Chapter

Princess Problems.

Submitted: July 26, 2016

Chapter 1 16 years later.... Arthur: KIMBERLY!!!!!!!!!!!! He storms up the stairs and bangs on her bedroom door.  ... Read Chapter