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A snippet of a dream I had, where my spirit animal, Coyote, chose me.

Submitted: July 26, 2016

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Submitted: July 26, 2016



My eyes fluttered open as I felt warm air brush over my face. My eyes adjusted to the dim light and glowing orbs the surrounded me. With another puff of warm air I turned my eyes towards the source of it... Coyote. 

The biggest Coyote Ive ever layed my eyes on was standing just two feet away from me. Gazing at me with a combination of gentleness and curiosty. Its large paws, easily the size of my head were planted firmly on the floor. Its bushy tail swayed side to side with ease. Coyote shifted and its muscles flexed as it stepped forward. My heart began to beat rapidly, Coyote drew closer. 

Within seconds Coyote stood over me and bowed its head. Coyotes eyes locked with mine, brilliant bursts of amber and gold ran through them. In Coyotes eyes, I saw love and strength. Power and kindness. I saw years of tradition, tranformation and fire. I saw myself. 

Coyote lowered its head and rested it on mine. I felt its soft, luxurious fur graze against my cheek. I felt our spirits align. As Coyote and I became one, those glowing orbs flashed, the wind kicked up and wrapped us in its warmth. And, in that moment I knew, Coyote chose me. 

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