The Silly Rabbit and The Special Potato

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Rabbit's Stories

A short story that was focused on becoming a children's story, but as the progression was made, it turned into a quirky and cute romance. Still PG/Age appropriate for readers from 10-30+. Enjoy!!~

July 26, 2016
Rabbit PS Vang

For: M.W.

Author’s Note: Me being a romantic that I am, the more I went in-depth with the story, the more it became pre-teen to teen romance. Originally, with the title, I thought to myself, “This is going to be a children’s story.” Nodded, agreed to my own ideas, and then poof! Nope~

Ends up being a romantic short story. Hahaha… Enjoy!!


Once upon a time ago, there lived a Silly Rabbit. Where the Silly Rabbit lived, which was on his Silly Little Farm,  he would grow plants, fruits, and wondrous vegetables. His plants he would give silly little names. Over yonder, to where his carrots would grow, the Silly Rabbit would call them his field of pumpkins. What a Silly Rabbit!

Where his sweet peas grew, the Silly Rabbit would call them his field of cucumbers. Silly Rabbit, those are sweet peas. Along with his garden of pumpkins and sweet peas, the Silly Rabbit grew a batch of catnip for his Best Friend. Every day the Silly Rabbit would go out to his batch, watering, caring for, and making sure that his vegetables, fruits, and catnip were well fertilized.

The Silly Rabbit would care very much for his vegetation, for the silly rabbit lacked friends. Poor silly rabbit. He didn’t really have friends. His best friend, who he grew the catnip for was but a scarecrow shaped out to be a very pretty cat. That scarecrow cat was the closest thing the Silly Rabbit has ever had to a friend.

The Silly Rabbit named his best friend, the scarecrow cat, “My special potato.” For the scarecrow cat was the color of a spotted, light-brown potato. What a silly rabbit. All of the Silly Rabbit’s family had left him behind when he was but a silly baby bunny.

The silly rabbit’s mother and father left him their farm house, where all of his one hundred and sixty-two brothers and sisters grew up in. His home was also a very special thing to him. Without the silly rabbit’s home, his special potato friend, and his silly little farm, the Silly Rabbit would be really lonely.

One the days where the silly rabbit would harvest, he would pick the juiciest of fruits and vegetables to go sell at the town market. There, at the market, the silly rabbit would say hello to his silly town folk. The silly rabbit called the town mayor, who was a great horned owl, Mr. Pigeon. The Silly Rabbit would tip his silly little farmer’s hat that had a sewn on patch, wave hello, smile really big and say, “Why, what a good morning it is today, Mr. Pigeon!~ Salutations to you, sir Mayor!”

Now the town mayor, along with all the town folk loved the Silly Rabbit for the way he would always smile. They loved the Silly Rabbit because he was always brave. The town folk loved him for the tasty vegetables and fruits that he would always bring to town. They also loved the silly little names that he gave to his silly little carrots, peas, and fruits.

Where oranges are orange, he would call them his grapefruits. “Sweet, sour, and plump grapefruits! Get them while they’re still orange!!” Oh, how the townspeople loved the Silly Little Rabbit. Every day when the Silly Rabbit would finish his sales at the market, he would stroll his silly, big, red wagon down a smoothly paved road. Down that road, our Silly Rabbit would take a path across a pretty bridge that went over a pretty little blue stream.

“Why hello there, my pretty little Koi Fish!~” The Silly Rabbit would say as he waved down to the karp that swam below. Silly Rabbit. Our Silly Rabbit would walk for about ten minutes after passing the stone bridge before he would make it to his silly little farm.

There at home, our Silly Rabbit would prepare his favorite thing to eat. Hmm, I wonder what the Silly Little Rabbit likes to eat the most. Do you want to find out what the Silly Rabbit likes eating most? Let’s find out!


“Ah, Sigh* What a long day at the market today. Boy, am I exhausted. Time for some pumpkin and cucumber stew. Yummy, yummy!!~” The Silly Rabbit would say as he rinsed his carrots and peas. He would chop the carrots into circular shapes. As for the peas, he just left them as they were, because to him they were already as good as they could be!

Now the Silly Rabbit would light his brick stone stove with flint to start the fire. He would fill his clay pot up halfway with water. Thereafter, he would wait until the water has started to slowly boil, and then in goes his pumpkins and cucumbers! Just the thought of finally being able to eat his stew after a long day of work makes the Silly Rabbit’s mouth drool.

While his stew slowly cooks, the Silly Rabbit steps outside to visit his special potato. Every evening after the market, before his dinner, Silly Rabbit comes outside to enjoy the sunset with his special little friend, his special potato. “Here, have some catnip, Special Potato. You’ve worked all day long, protecting our special little farm from hungry vultures.” Silly Rabbit would call scavenging crows, hungry vultures.

What a Silly Rabbit he is. Silly Rabbit sprinkles a paw full of catnip across his scarecrow friend from head, to shoulders, to arms, and across his special potato’s legs. “Well, I guess it’s time to go back inside for dinner.” Silly Rabbit pats down his silly farmer pants. Dust particles arouse the air, making Silly Rabbit sneeze.


Before the Silly Rabbit hurries on inside to his silly little home, he pecks a kiss to his special potato friend on the left side of her cheek. “Good night, special potato. I’ll see you again in the early morning.”

Silly Rabbit eats his pumpkin-cucumber stew. Every night during dinner, he sits with his legs crossed, resting on a foot stool, rocking himself on a wooden rocking chair. He would read a silly little book called, ‘Silly Ways of the World’ each night after dinner and after washing his silly little bowl and his silly little pot. The Silly Rabbit puts away his silly little on top of his desk where a cute baby-blue lamp sat upon.

As he makes his way to shut off the light, the Silly Rabbit yawns a silly little yawn, ready for bed.


The following day, our Silly Little Rabbit woke up to an alarming sound. “Caw! Caw!”
“Rip it to shreds!! This is no cat! It’s nothing but a scarecrow!!” The Silly Rabbit wakes up in terror! Oh, no, what’s happened outside to his special potato?

He scurries out front with silly little broom in his paws, shooing the scary crows away. “Shoo! Shoo! Off with you, hungry vultures!!” Smacking away the crows with his silly little broom, the crows fly off into the bright morning sky. Silly Rabbit chucks away his beaten up broom onto the ground.

He falls onto his furry, cuddly, silly little knees as he bends down to collect the broken pieces of his silly little friend. His special potato, now ripped apart, torn away from him. Tears fall down our Silly Rabbit’s cheeks as he cries in sorrow. The loss of our Silly Rabbit’s best friend has made him no longer silly.


His best friend taken from him, Silly Rabbit hugs whatever pieces he was able to pick up, embracing the scarecrow cat. “Oh, my special potato, why did you leave me so? Why would the hungry crows come here to attack you? Now that you’re no longer here, who will turn to? Where would I go?”

Silly Rabbit was in so much pain and woe. Poor, Silly Rabbit. “Isn’t there anything that I can do to have you back? Back into my home, back into my life, and back to where you truly belong… Sniffles* Without you, my silly little house is no longer beautiful.”

Silly Rabbit runs his paw down the hay, the cloths, and the silly little things that made his silly little friend who she was before he lost her.


As tears continue to stream down our Silly Rabbit’s little face, a mist filled the air. A magical breeze passed by our Silly Rabbit’s silly little farm. With it, a whistle in the wind. Suddenly, our Silly little Rabbit felt the softest of paws wiping his silly little tears away from his silly little eyes and his silly, chubby cheeks. Slowly, softly, and gently, like a cloud laid on him, he heard a voice.

“Silly, Rabbit. Why are you crying? For I am still here, see? I am still by your side.” Baffled by what was in front of his silly eyes, Silly Rabbit realized that there was a potato colored, light-brown cat resting on his silly little thighs. In disbelief, he rubbed his worn out eyes. Silly Rabbit blinked and blinked, but she was still there! “Hee-Hee! Silly, Rabbit. Can you not see? For I am here, because you wished me to be.”

The adorable cat giggled and laughed at the Silly Rabbit. How foolish was he to not believe. That this cat here was actually real and not a dream. So the Silly Rabbit reached out his paw, placed it on the adorable cat’s beating heart. Startled, he jumped a bit.

This time around, Silly Rabbit did believe! What was in front of him, could it really be? Yes! Of course!

It was his special little friend! “How is this possible? I thought that after the crows attacked you, that that would be the end.” The Silly Rabbit closes in on the Adorable Cat, hugging her tight.

“Silly Rabbit. Hee-Hee. This is not the end. Here is where our story begins. Now lift me up. Be a gentleman like you’ve always been.” Nodding his head repeatedly, Silly Rabbit lifts up his Special Potato, bringing her to her feet.

“From where do we go from here?” The Silly Rabbit asks his Special Potato.

“I don’t know. You tell me, Silly Rabbit. You’re the one that brought me to life. She looks straight into the Silly Rabbit’s eyes, her eyes gleaming with radiant sparkle. The Silly Rabbit shies away, tucking his face inward. Bashful as can be, he shakes his head. Now, with a stern and confident face, he stares back at his Special Potato.


Taking a deep breath, he says to her, “From this day on, I shall take care of you, watch over you, and protect you more than I ever have! I will never allow another hungry vulture to swoop down from the floating ocean and harm you!”

The Special Potato blushes. Hearing such brave words, she remembers all of the memories of where the Silly Rabbit would come out to play by himself, talking to a lifeless scarecrow. Telling that scarecrow of adventures, dreams, and visions he had as a silly little bunny. She would remember the cold, windy winter nights where the Silly Rabbit would take her inside to keep her warm by the fireplace. And on the sleepless nights, where the Silly Rabbit would burrow himself under his silly little blanket, hiding from the storm, but doing his best to keep her safe.

“Silly Rabbit. Sniffles* You’ve done enough already. Why don’t we live here together, on our silly little farm? With the magic in me, I could become an Adorable Bunny, and we could have babies. We’ll raise them together, and we’ll give all one hundred of them a hundred silly names.”


And from that day onward, the Silly Rabbit and his Special Potato lived happily ever after.

The end. -July 26, 2016. Tuesday.-


Submitted: July 27, 2016

© Copyright 2021 PS Vaaj. All rights reserved.

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