A Broken Heart

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Submitted: July 26, 2016

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Submitted: July 26, 2016



A broken Heart

By: Rafael F. Castro


Tears come out my eyes:

As they make a river.

Heart aching with so much pressure,

With not a single pleasure.

Mourning for your Love every single day,

And every single Night.

Living in a full world of Hate,

But I won’t go down without a Fight.

Played with my Heart,

Saddened my soul.

From someone who was very Heartless,

And very dull.

As I look at the Sunset,

Asking for another day.

Ever since end of March,

Till the end of May.

You let rumors take over,

With their great big Lies.

But I thought I saw Love

Inside Your eyes.

I fell for you for You,

But for one reason.

A beautiful girl,

Left in the beacon.

I thought I could save you,

Away from the dark.

Thought we’d never be lost,

And never apart.

Now you want to create Lies,

Act like you don’t know me.

But very shortly over time,

You will be very sorry.

For not being honest to me and yourself

Without Pride or Joy.

I wanted to ask for Peace and Love

But now my Heart is what you Destroyed.

Now I lay here looking at the Skies

Begging you to come back.

As im cruising down the streets,

In a Cadillac.

But I seek down in Depression.

Listening to every sad Song.

Knowing it was me and you,

We both did wrong.

Not just to ourselves,

But to each other.

But I still Love you

And not another.

You drive me crazy,

Even insane.

Even though I don’t even mind,

You’re the one to blame.

My heart still beats for you,

Every single day.

Even when we left,

At the end of May.

But they say April showers,

Brings May flowers.

I begin to sprout and grow,

But it’s not the same every Hour.

I begin to miss you more and more,

Struggling to hold my bold Pride.

But my Heart is aching and shaking,

Without you on my side.

My Heart is hurting more and more,

Constantly Day by Day.

Heading to my Deathbed,

All roads heading one way.

Ingredients of your Love,

Disappearing by every cup.

My Heart is starting to crack,

Guess my Time is going be up.

I cannot bare to Witness,

That I am a Victim.

Suffering A broken Heart

And now it is said and done.

I Dreamt us ogether under a Tree,

Just You and Me.

But as I fade away Tonight,

I can only wait for Judgement Day to come then see.

I did mentioned that if I couldn’t have you,

I’d rather have the Lord take me Away.

But I guess Tragically,,

That day is Today.

My heart seems to beat,

Slower and slower.

As my the last thing I see to remember,

Is my eyes looking at the Beautiful face of her.

Now I’m fading away with the Man above,

Hoping you last words to me would be I Love You.

But now as I begin to not Breath,

I now know your soul Loves me which became True.

Now that im gone,

Now you cannot reach me from afar.

I still Love you for who you are.

Now you know that I Loved you from the very start.

You can hold in your hands my Heart;

A Broken Heart....

© Copyright 2018 Rafael. All rights reserved.