Friendship from Far Away

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A story about a girl who wishes more than anything for friendship.

Submitted: July 26, 2016

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Submitted: July 26, 2016



~Friendship from Far Away~

If you look, just past the kids playing on the playground equipment and the couples who walk at their leisure on the sandy gray pavement you'll see an ordinary wood bench. A bench that stands in the quiet shade of a tree facing the sidewalk and playground equipment. And every Tuesday, around the time that school ends you might notice a girl. An ordinary girl, seating on that ordinary wood bench. She carries with her a plain green notebook and a plain pencil. The faded hood of her faded hoodie hides her face from view, all except for a few stray wisps of hair. As she sits there she seems to be writing something very important in that notebook because of the way she looks so intently at its surface as she writes swiftly. But if you watch her closely you'll notice that sometimes, but only sometimes she lets her eyes leave the paper and she looks longingly up at the children playing together in their different little groups. Almost as if she can see herself as a child and joining those kids in their fantastical games. And right at the height of the magical dream she finds herself in, she suddenly wakes up. Back to reality. And like that she grabs her pencil and notebook and pulls her faded hood farther down her face. Then she's gone. Until next Tuesday.

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