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The poem is about a man who lived his dream and wound up in a nightmare.

Submitted: July 26, 2016

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Submitted: July 26, 2016




A little plane for a little boy...

lead to opprotunities that opened his mind; 

and destroyed his world.

He loved planes as a child...and as a man.

Days were spent in the fields,

his imagination flying free.

But dark days fell upon the world.

"Join the war!" the posters screamed.

"You'll save lives!" the people chanted. 

His time had come; his dream was coming true...

but sooned turned into a nightmare.

Metal fragments fell like snowflakes,

his friends were lost in the clouds.

Soon, he began to dance with a special lady.

Her name was grief; they shared many drinks together,

and many more nights.

To some, he was a hero. But to himself, he was a 


He eventually left the war in search of peace

that he did not find.

No matter where he went, he could still hear 

the planes.

They followed him everywhere, he couldn't escape 

from them.

Friends spoke of him in hushed tones then;

their stares cutting him deeper and deeper.


There was not a night he slept.

He could still hear the planes...smell the 

heat of the engines...taste the blood...

Was this nightmare ever going to end?


Then, one night, he let the hum of the metal

surround him...engulf him. He leaned back and gazed 

into the stars, into the forever of the sky.

He was back in his plane...flying across the heavens.

A little plane for a little boy...

a nightmare that consumed a man...

a plane ride that lasted a lifetime. 

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