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Submitted: July 27, 2016

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Submitted: July 27, 2016



Opinion writing (Feedback Welcome)


I’m living in world where i do not know what my purpose is, I have loved but have the lack of being loved back, I live on this planet where all i really would like to do is to help people who are looking for help but how I’m i supposed to be that person when I need help myself.

I just want live a happy life and be happy but society revolves around knowledge and money. Why can’t one just be smart in his own way and get further rather than constantly going to school or university, these days life revolves around growing up conforming to society and the people who don’t conform we frowned upon them ? Why is it I ask, is it because it makes us upset to see a human happy with less than what we have on us personally or what is it? Do we think we are greater just because we believe in a god and yet we sell drugs to increase our wealth what is that all about? We consider ourselves superior but yet we need guns knives and machines to kill the meat that we eat, does anyone even know the process anymore? We blinded by the media by all the bad news by constantly pointing fingers, why?


Why are we not creating television show to educate people about things they would truly need? why don’t we have TV channels in the country that you staying in teaching you how to do taxes how to save money efficiently or even channels telling you about the Laws of your country, are they trying to keep us dumb by funding this negativity ?  News is the greatest waste of money that has ever existed! all the feed us is this negativity trying to make us believe that they are informing us but yet all we find out is what already happened and what the weather is going to be today. How is that going to help our future generation? We are currently in a situation where our children are thought to be mean and to judge other people because our parents are also being influenced by the media and we seem to follow the same believe because we look up to our parents as role models, what kind of a role model is a person who teaches hate in a form of life that can’t be the direction we are going in because if it is we are truly creating a world bound to be doomed.


We support organizations such as UNICEF and WWF but yet we walk down that same street and don’t support a homeless guy that has lost everything he ever had, you don’t even know his story yet you have already made your opinion about him. What if I told you this man lost his wife and son due to a car accident or because the flight he missed saved his life but not that of his family, shortly thereafter he lost his job because he was not able to neither concentrate nor forgive himself for what happened? All of a sudden your view of this gentleman begging for money to perhaps by his gram of smack no longer seems so unreasonable does it now? But yet we blind ourselves and give our bank information to these massive corporate companies that claim that they are helping in Africa, can I be honest I lived in South Africa all my life and I have never seen such a corporation help, yes they might be helping a few African villages but I do believe that it is all a money making scheme and that’s just my opinion you are entitled to yours.


We are made to believe that we need transportation for freedom of movement but that is the biggest load of bullshit that one gets out there. We do not need to travel far to hat the freedom and to live happily but yet again why is it not allowed, why is one not allowed to camp in the forest, why is one not allowed to move through landscapes without worrying about trespassing ? it all does not make sense governments create rules to give an sense of entitlement but yet its not helping you in any way at all, all it does is restrict you and force you to follow something you have to faith, believe or passion to follow. Free thinking and expression is becoming more and more suppressed due to people thinking they have rights and the right to create rules, I’m sick of it we are not feminists we are humans, we are not gays we are humans, we are not stoners we are humans I’m sick of people creating these groups making people that they have to be a part of something, at the end you have to be a part of nothing you must be accepted for who you are and you have to except yourself. If people cannot handle it, it should not become your problem but rather it should become their problem and they should look and see if they are able to find a fault in the way that they are thinking, if someone has a different opinion don’t directly disregard that opinion consider it take a minute and make an informed decision rather than just disregarding it and thinking you have the better knowledge. We only have one life and how you live it is all up too you no one else only you, that is why it is absolutely vital that you cherish it.


This all has just been my opinion thus far and I know I have grammatical errors but I would really like to get into writing and reading and would appreciate to get feedback on grammatical errors, sentence construction and all other errors that I have made.


Even your own opinion would be greatly appreciated and I am willing to read it with pleasure.

Yours sincerely



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