Sometimes you need to blow!

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Sometimes our trivial actions can change someone's life.

Submitted: July 27, 2016

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Submitted: July 27, 2016



Everyday was monotonous in my life until a butterfly caught my eye. I was passing the kitchen window near the washing area, and saw the beautiful creature resting on the red doormat. It was quite a young butterfly and had a lovely black and yellow coat. It had just been a week since the maid had bought a new brand of detergent that proclaimed to be of fruity flavor. And she had tried it on the doormat and left it to dry on the pane of the window. The innocent creature, maybe attracted to the scent of the detergent was drawn to sit on the doormat. I was sure that it was not present the day before since I always had the habit of watching the birds outside from that window, almost everyday.

The instant I looked at the butterfly, I was surprised and filled with joy. Within seconds, I wanted to capture the precious moment in my phone's camera. I went near it, keeping a minimum distance, to ensure that it didn't fly away. "Click" and the butterfly was still there. After a few minutes of adoring it, I went by to mind my business. After school that evening, I ran over to the kitchen and it was still there. I felt happy on seeing it again, watched it a few minutes and then went to my room. That night before I slept, I ensured that I had switched off the kitchen light because the butterfly was still lying on the doormat and I felt that it needed to sleep as well. 

The next day was terribly rainy, I checked on the butterfly and it was still there. I thought how smart the butterfly was- I felt that it had predicted that it was gonna rain and had decided to rest on the doormat. After the rain had passed, I resisted my temptation to blow over it to see its reaction. I let nature take its course since I remembered a story that I was told when I was young. It was about a young boy who had helped escape the butterfly from its cocoon. However, the action of the young boy killed the butterfly since the butterfly didn't gain enough strength to fly its wings in the air. It would have survived if it had been allowed to struggle on its own, to get out of the cocoon.

It was the second night of the butterfly's stay and I felt tempted to feed the butterfly. I thought of leaving a drop of honey near it but thought that its legs might get stuck in it and it might die. Then I thought of mixing sugar in water and leaving the mixture near the butterfly but my mind was firm enough to cling to the theory of letting nature take its course. So, I just went near the butterfly, and said, 

"You know, you should eat something. You might like this place but you should really find some food!"

I really wanted to get this message across its soul to ensure that it took care of itself. Again, I switched off the kitchen light and went to sleep. I tried to sleep but couldn't. My mind was filled with thoughts

"Why would the butterfly lie on the doormat? Isn't it so weird? And that too, it's been 2 days already? What is happening to the butterfly?" 

My initial excitement and happiness on seeing the butterfly every moment began to fade away slowly; instead fear and worry set in. It was the third day and the butterfly was still there. Nevertheless, it rained, I made up my mind to set a deadline for the butterfly to vacate my house. I said to myself

"If the butterfly doesn't fly off tomorrow, then I am gonna make it fly away!"

The fourth day and the butterfly was still there. This time, I trashed the theory of letting the nature take its course. I went near it and blew over it gently. It didn't seem to move. I blew again but all I got for a reaction was a motionless butterfly.

"Wait! Something's wrong" I said to myself. I went closer and observed the butterfly. It was only at that moment that I realized that its legs were abnormally bent. The little happiness that I had on seeing the butterfly disappeared and devastation began. I was terribly shocked and didn't want to believe what was happening. I blew over it hard again crying in my mind 

"Fly! C'mon Fly". Nothing happened.

One last time, I blew fiercely thinking 

"C'mon. Don''t die on me. Fly! Fly!"

At last, the butterfly flew. I would have been much happier only if it had flown towards the sky. But to my horror, the butterfly's motionless body flew away down because of my fierce blow. I felt very sad and blamed myself for the butterfly's death. I wished that I could have blown over it, the day I first saw it. 

A few days later, I watched closely, the picture of the butterfly I had taken and found that it was in the same state as I had seen it before its death, its legs bent abnormally like I had seen it before I blew it away. That made me realize that it could have probably died at the time I took the picture. But still, I can't say since I never tested if it was alive at that time. 

NOTE: In this world, each one of us is like that butterfly. Nobody knows what's in our minds and some people might be undergoing a really tough and sad phase in their lives. A few words....a few words of consolation or words of hope could brighten their life. They may never ask for it but if given, an emotional support could strengthen them to fly towards the sky. So the next time you see someone, you might not have to at least say anything but smile, smile to show them that there is a better part in their life.

BTW, this story is real and the butterfly's picture I took is the cover page of this story.

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