"I'm a Winner!--No, I'm a Loser!"

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Arguing with myself!

Submitted: July 27, 2016

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Submitted: July 27, 2016



I'm going to make my mark on the world, I'm going to---
"No you're not, the only mark you'll be leaving is when you fly due
south, and auger into Loserville--face it, me, you/I don't have a chance!
Success and Riches will lead you/me on a merry dance,
but a futile one--why don't you/I just face facts?
You/I got no shot, for it's intelligence you/I lack!"
La, la, la, can you see me, I'm not listening.
"Man, you're/I'm only pretending not to hear--you're/I'm sickening!"
Alright Mr. Downer/Me, that's it, I'm/you're so out of here!
"Oh, sure, that's just like you/me--when you hear something so clear,
you/I turn tail and run, like the coward/chicken--
the fact of the matter is, you're/I'm a loser, man!"
Oh, that hurt me/you so much--you're/ I'm a heartless bastard,
what little confidence I once had is gone, scattered
to the four winds, like a dream torn from my brain by a hurricane!
"That makes no sense, but then, coming from you/me--insane
is your/my normal state, so why am I/you even surprised?"
Look, that's it--I/you think is would be prudent, would be wise
for us to go our separate ways, don't you/me?
"Sorry pal, like it or not, I am you, and you are me--see,
by being pissed at me, you're really pissed at yourself,
and that's really stupidity itself!"

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