She who dances alone

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When the rain falls, she dances eternally into oblivion. She keeps forward looking for someone to dance with.

Submitted: July 27, 2016

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Submitted: July 27, 2016



Have you felt as if someone lived in the rain?  As if the water droplets we see falling at high speeds formed something?  Don`t you see the figure that is formed, the silhouette of a beautiful woman, whose hair flows freely down to the earth, whose figure is as soft as water, whose ethereal eyes seem to take form when they look at you. You have feel it haven't you? As if when it rains someone watched you all the time, those ethereal eyes of a crystal clear, so clear they seem invisible except when it rains over her form, the woman in the rain.


It silhouette dancing on the rain while she watches you with curiosity, what is your story, what brings you to walk on this rain? Why are you crying, smiling, laughing, sobbing, speaking, why are you under the rain today stranger? She only wishes to know the answer to those questions, no harm in it, yet she know you might not see her. For she is born from the rain, and she lives in it.

She dances to the sonnet of rain, that rhythmical musical sound of the raindrops falling and clashing, making a sound, a mythic rhythm she has been dancing since the first time she was born. Seeing the world, traversing it through the rains that form her body, her skin clear as the rain, her ethereal eyes that see our world with marvel full of curiosity.

She looks for a friend, someone who wishes to listen to her, who would please her the story she has been eager to tell, of how she came to our world, the marvels she has seen, the things she hides, she looks for a friend to ease the loneliness she carries with her.

For she dances, she dances alone into oblivion. She has come to despise her music, the music that comes with the rain, it  sonnets, the ballads, the minuet, the marches, it prelude, sonata, serenade, she is tired of them, what is the good in an eternal concert if there is no one with her, if no one to dance with her in the music of the rain, in the eternal concert that carries with it.

What's so good in an eternal concert if it is filled with loneliness, so she just keeps dancing, and observing, hoping one day someone will see her and dance with her until oblivion.


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