Girl Drama

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This is based on my life over the past year, and the drama that has happened. I talks about the couple of girls that have a crush on me, and my obliviousness and indecisiveness. It is still ongoing, but feel free to leave comments. I try to add close to 300 words every two days, depending on the events that take place.

Submitted: July 27, 2016

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Submitted: July 27, 2016



Girl Drama

By Ludovic


In mid July of 2015, I went to a summer program called “Edge.” It allowed advanced students in high school the opportunity to take a semester’s worth of two college courses in five weeks. I met a lot of really cool people there.

I didn’t know anyone from the program on the first day. There were people from all over the states like New York, Pennsylvania, California, Arkansas, and New Jersey. I was the only one from my school to go, and I didn't know anyone from other schools.

In the program, building curfew was at 10 pm Sunday through Thursday, and 11 pm on Friday and Saturday. Floor curfew was two hours later than building curfew, however, we didn’t have a specific time that we needed to go to sleep, though most people went to sleep at floor curfew.

In the first week of classes, I learned that the majority of people went to high schools in Delaware like me. I first met Charlotte in my Short Stories class. She would usually hang out with her friend Amy before and after classes. After the first couple days she would sit next to me in short stories, even though we would practically freeze to death from the air vent directly above us. The class was interesting at first, but in the later weeks the classes seemed to be getting longer and more boring. It was hard enough to stay awake in that class, though the class was easily passable.

There was one day in particular, I w-as hanging out with Charlotte in the co-ed lounge. We tried to find Spaceballs on Netflix, however it wasn’t on anymore, so Charlotte suggested that we watch White Chicks. The movie is about two cops that disguise themselves as two girls in order to take down an evil organization. We snuggled up against a couch, in a blanket with two pillows, and put the laptop up on a small table. The movie was hilarious. That day was actually one of my favorite nights at Edge the whole time I was there.

She started hanging out with me more and more as it got later into the program. I remember, we would play card games like trash or cards against humanity, and go out to lunch, and would snuggle up in the main lounge watching whatever everyone else was watching on tv. I didn’t realize that she liked me until Amy told me in late August. She would stay up late with me even after floor curfew. You see, the ceiling of the co-ed lounge was the third floor, even though the lounge was on the second. The third floor had a metal fence that Charlotte would look over and down at me, giving me suggesting smirks that I was glad I was oblivious to. Don’t get me wrong, I saw the looks. I just “put them off to the side,” so to speak, and thought nothing of them.

In the third week of the program, Charlotte wanted me to meet her friend Abbey. Charlotte and I met Abbey at the dorms, and we started walking towards Main Street. We went to Cheeburger Cheeburger for lunch. Abbey had told me that she does horseback riding, which I think is really cool. In the last two weeks of the program, Charlotte was dating Jax. The relationship lasted until the end of September because Jax tried to cheat on Charlotte.

On the last night of the program, the mentors said that there wouldn’t be a floor curfew that night. I stayed up till about 2 am, then went to bed. The next morning, I woke up early because I had to pack up the rest of my stuff, and get ready for moving out. Charlotte looked at my brother for two seconds, and decided to agree with me with on the fact that my brother was an asshole. I thought it was hilarious when she told me. I said goodbye to the rest of the people at Edge that I could find, and headed for the beach with my family. We kept in touch via skype chats along with the occasional text here or there.

In August, Charlotte told me that Abbey was having a movie night. I learned that she usually does this about once a month. The parties would last from 6 to 11. Abbey would always have food available at her house, so I never needed to worry about having dinner or anything like that. Most times that I would go, I would eventually be snuggled up with Charlotte, watching Supernatural on Netflix.

In September, Charlotte had her birthday party, where I met some of her Concord friends. Her birthday was at an all you can eat Asian place. Her friend Adam and I had a full on competition to see who could eat more, because we both knew we could eat a lot. I can’t remember who won. It may have even been a draw.

In the middle October, I went to homecoming with my friend Amari. We met in English class, thought we hadn’t met in the previous two years we went to the same school. At homecoming, I had a very fun time, and Amari kissed me on the cheek as my mom arrived to pick me up. We hadn’t made our relationship official until Monday, at lunch, the next week.

Funny thing is, she didn’t meet Charlotte till late June. Later that month, Amari told me that our friend Katie was having a birthday party with a Halloween theme since her birthday in on Halloween. That day, I had a cross country meet so, I showed up about two hours late. That night, I realized Shri was there. Shri was one of Charlotte’s friends that was at her birthday party. It was really funny when Katie had gone upstairs for something, and when she came down, three of the guys had their shirts off, including me.

In November, I went on a cruise for Thanksgiving break. I swore this girl had a massive crush on me, even though I told her I had a girlfriend. On the last day of the cruise, I gave her my number because she ended up being a good friend. Her crush on me was confirmed when she called my phone in February, around Valentine’s Day, and she tried to hook me up with one of her friends, even though she lived in Vermont. I still haven’t heard from her since.

Around New Year’s, Abbey was having another movie night. Unfortunately, that was the first time I couldn’t make it, because my family made a last minute trip to see my pop pop in Florida since he was in the hospital, still recovering from his car accident in early November.

Charlotte called me on New Year’s Eve to tell me that since I couldn’t make it to that movie night, Abbey was going to have another one the first weekend I was available. Sure enough, the movie party was two weeks later, with all seven of Abbey and Charlotte’s friends there. I snuggled up with Shri and Charlotte. That night I realized how much Shri enjoyed flirting with me. I didn’t know if she liked me or not, so I’m leaving it up in the air for imagination. That night I also realized my gift, as well as my curse. It was because of the fact that I am warm and comfortable, that I was receiving so much attention, after being told by a couple girls, including the one from Vermont.

In the middle March, Charlotte told me Abbey was having a movie night and she was celebrating her birthday a week early. When I got to her house, she had just received the unfortunate news of her grandmother’s death. Abbey was really upset so Abbey, Charlotte, Shri, James, and I went over to Charlotte’s house for movie night. Even with the celebration, Abbey was still upset about her grandmother, so she told us that in two weeks she was going to have another movie party, especially since only half of us could show up that night.

Charlotte got really pissed at one of Abbey’s old friends that night because he wouldn’t show up, even though he could. He also happened to be one of Charlotte’s ex-boyfriends. This resulted in us taking a trip to his house. Abbey stayed in the car, while Shri and Charlotte went to interrogate, for lack of a better word, Matt. James and I went in as moral support, because we knew not to intervene when Charlotte is pissed. After about 5 minutes Charlotte had apparently broken Matt’s arm in the process, as he was getting out of his bed.

After that, we went back to Charlotte’s house for pizza and cake with some sparkling cider. I ended up snuggling with Shri and Charlotte on the couch while we watched Supernatural and then a stand up comedy on Netflix. I don’t think Shri knew I had a girlfriend because she kissed me on the cheek that night, but since I figured she didn’t know, I didn’t do anything about it. James took a picture, of Charlotte and Shri cuddling with me, on Snapchat with Charlotte’s phone and sent it to me. It said, “When you get all the hoes.” I cracked up, and I never showed my girlfriend the picture, partially out of fear that she would kick my ass.

The cake looked so cool. It was a picture of Abbey and her friends, from Concord, at dinner one night. I remember that Abbey wanted to have 17 candles on it, for her 17th birthday. We all couldn’t help ourselves from making jokes after James started asking people if he tasted good. All of our faces were bright red as the jokes got weirder and weirder. Abbey said she had sparkling cider with her because her family always had it in case of a celebration.

In the beginning of June, Abbey had a movie party. Unfortunately, I was busy that night because it was my cousin Olivia’s birthday.

As I predicted, two weeks later, Abbey had a movie party. As soon as I got there, I opened up my birthday presents from Abbey and Charlotte. I got a movie gift card from Abbey, and a couple different things from Charlotte. She got me a red Star Wars t-shirt with the Millennium Falcon on it, that showed how it would look as if being drawn from the point of an engineer. She also gave me bead designs of a monkey, a banner, an R2D2, and a yoda. I really enjoyed what she wrote in her card. I kept the card, and stuffed it in one of my draws where I keep important things.


This movie night was different for one other reason. For the first time, my girlfriend showed up. Amari finally met Charlotte and Abbey, however not Shri because she was in France and India that week, and,  I don’t think she met Shri at Katie’s party. We played a couple cards games like Trash and Bullshit. I won in Bullshit because I played smart and used the card counting technique. Charlotte did catch me lying once though. Charlotte and I joked about how we knew when we were lying because we lived in the same building for five weeks at Edge. When Amari left an hour early, so when she left I snuggled with Charlotte and Abbey.

A week later I got a text from James, a friend I met at the first movie party that Abbey had invited me to. The series of text messages sent that night were very enlightening.



“Hey. So what’s up?”


“Not much, it’s just that we’re both friends with someone who has a crush on you and she knows you’re with someone else but she doesn’t wanna get in between you guys.”


“I’ve known James. Don’t tell said person tho.”


“Who do you think it is?”




“That’s not who I’m talking about, and I’m not crushing on you so I don’t think it’s me. Lol”




“So the girl who’s crushing on you is Abbey. She was nervous to tell you so she wanted me to tell you for her. She also doesn’t want things to be awkward between the both of you, and she respects the fact that you’re with someone else. But, when the next opportunity comes along she’d like to see if there’s a potential relationship between the both of you.”


“Potentially, yes, if things ever don’t work out between me and Amari.”


“Okay. Do you feel that way with Charlotte, or is it more of a friendship that you see with her.”


“Honestly if things don’t work out I wouldn’t mind being with either of them. but let’s not make this a competition because … reasons.”


In the first week of July, I broke up with my girlfriend because it wasn’t working out. The next week, Abbey had another movie night, the day before Edge started up again, Shri showed up, and we snuggled that night. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that I had not told anyone that I broke up with Amari. When I told Charlotte the next day, she realized how much shit I was in, because Shri had a boyfriend and I didn’t know.

A few days later, Shri texted me.

“Hey! It’s Shri. Charlotte gave me ur number. What’s up?”


“Nothing much. I kinda forgot to tell u guys that I broke up with Amari 2 weeks ago … sorry.”


“Wait, what?!? Why didn’t you tell us?”


“I just forgot to tell u guys. Didn’t realize it till Saturday.”


“Oh … wow … I’m really sorry. Are you okay?”


“Yeah. I’m fine. I broke up with her. It wasn’t working out.”


“Oh, that changes things. Why? Did you like someone else? Because you’re a really really really nice and smart and handsome and generally great guy. A lot of girls would love to date you.”


“I like to keep an open mind.”


“That’s good :-).”


A week or so later, I had posted on skype “When r we going to dinner?” Funny thing is Arianna responded by saying, “Idk you haven't asked me yet.” I met Arianna at my friend Connor’s graduation party. Isaac had introduced her on the skype chat as well. Both Connor and Isaac went to Edge with me the year before. The skype chat continued with me saying,



“I'm waiting …”


“Wait ur at UD?”


“No I’m just messing with ya however I’m up for hanging out and catching up some time and if that happens to include dinner so be it.”


“Well I’m not doing anything Friday night.”


“I’m not gonna be in town til Monday of next week.”


“I got study hour Monday from 6 to 7, but I’m free after that.”


“Well I’m free the rest of the week too.”


“Cool. Let me know what u feel like eating. K?”


“Kay. As friends right?”






The rest of the day was funny as Charlotte, Anton, Alain, some of the returners from last year, had read the skype chat that night. Charlotte said, “So, you had an interesting conversation with Arianna,” With extra emphasis on the word ‘interesting.’ Alain and Anton just had huge grins of shock on their faces. The next day, Arianna had posted on skype, “I love how no one even questions the convo between Sam and I.”

Charlotte had told me that night that Shri was pissed at me, but she was still going to cuddle with me. At this point I didn’t know what to think. I guess the fact that she had a boyfriend, had not changed her mind on cuddling with me. After all, who could blame her? She did tell me that I was warm and comfortable on numerous occasions.

That Sunday, it was mid July by then. I discussed my situation with Alain, Anton, and my roommate Matt. In the previous days, we would get together, and talk about my predicament. That Sunday night was different though. The discussion lasted for almost two hours, and it went, in depth, step by step on possible solutions on how to deal with my predicament.

Their first concern was that I was “whipped” by Charlotte, and that she pretty much controls half of my life. To be honest, I wasn't  not sure how much of my life she controlled, but I got what they were trying to tell me. I told them that I didn't mind mind Charlotte telling me what to do because I liked Charlotte.

My 2nd concern was that I told James that I wouldn't mind going out with either Abbey or Charlotte. I didn't know if he had told Abbey, the night he told me about Abbey, that I wouldn't mind going out with Charlotte, or if it was just his curiosity. I knew that Charlotte wouldn't go out with me because she knew Abbey had a crush on me, and she wouldn't harm a friendship that began when they were six.

I did manage to raise to question as to whether or not it was possible to go out with either Charlotte or Abbey and still end up being the other person’s bitch, or both. I admit that I was overthinking things a little bit that night. I found it hilarious when my roommate and I went back to our dorm and told me that if I play the right cards I could potentially pull a harem out of this situation. I told him that a harem is specifically what I was trying to avoid.

On Monday, I went to my classes like usual. When I arrived to my 2nd class early, like usual, I waited in the hall for the Short Stories class to end so I could get ready for my Metacognitive class. While I was waiting in the hallway, I checked with Arianna to see if she could make it to dinner that night. Good thing I checked because she said that all the cars at her house were being worked on. Therefore, we rescheduled for Wednesday that week.

As I was setting up, I was talking to Delia. I gave her an extremely generic description of my dilema, being careful not to use names. Unknown to me, Delia was involved in a seperate “girl talk” group with Charlotte. She told me she thinks she knows who I was talking about. Though she told me not to say that it was her that told me, she told me that Charlotte is waiting for me to ask her out, and, if I didn’t ask her out soon, she’s gonna move on. Of course this is assuming we were talking about Charlotte, but I am pretty sure we were talking about the same person.

This was mostly confirmed when Charlotte grabbed me for dinner that night. Charlotte was with Delia and Sarah, both girls in the Edge program this year, and she was rounding up the usually group to go to dinner. Throughout the whole time that it took to get to the dining hall, all I could hear was giggling as a result of the many inside jokes between Delia and Charlotte. I was reading their facial expressions ever since Charlotte grabbed me from the lounge, so I couldn’t tell what they were laughing about.

I assumed that it was Charlotte being embarrassed that Delia found it funny how me and Charlotte liked each other, but we weren’t dating yet. Though it wasn’t that unusual, a lot of people would joke about all the sexual tension between me and Charlotte. In fact, I found it a little funny myself. Over the next 45 minutes, I found it extremely hard to not burst out laughing, especially if most of my guesses were correct.

Turns out, I was right. That night, after curfew, I finally asked Charlotte out. I swear it nearly drive me insane considering she was my second girlfriend I ever had. I had to get help from Delia and one of the mentors, so that I could successfully pull off a date, no matter how many times I may have run it through my head.

This is how the text went.

“Hey. So, u wanna get together?”


“Awesome. When r u free?”

“Friday. Do you want to go to Main Street after classes?”

“Sure. U can pick the place. Can’t wait.”

The rest of the conversation was just a bunch of emojis sent back and forward to each other. There were still a few outliers though. I still hadn't told my parents that I broke up with Amari. I didn't know if Charlotte told Abbey or if I had to tell her, or how Abbey would feel about it. I still had to meet Arianna, but she had asked me earlier that day if we were bringing friends or not. I was planning on bringing Anton with me because he hadn't met Arianna yet.



Wednesday morning, I woke up a little late after sleeping through my alarm, though I still made it to the main lounge in time for breakfast. That morning was very interesting. Our usual breakfast club laughed about the reactions of Alain and Anton when they found out Charlotte and I were dating. We laughed about how hard it was to ask Charlotte out, and how it took Delia, Anton and three mentors to guide me through how to respond in the text’s series.

Charlotte and I had discussed that no one had posted on skype that we were together yet. She told me not to make our relationship public yet because her sister was taking her to Klondike Kate’s that night for dinner. This was a huge coincidence because my dad had called my after dinner, the night before, to see if I could meet up with him, my stepmom Tracey, and my half-sister Sophie. We laughed about this for a moment, thinking of the possibilities. I told her my plans that I made with my dad.

The night before, I had already warned my roommate not to take up too much room in the fridge, because Klondike Kate’s had half price orders of nachos on Tuesdays. I remembered the year before, I went to Klondike Kate’s with my dad and I brought back a whole box of food. Unfortunately, my Alain had thrown away the nachos two days later, because he said it was stinking up the fridge. I was really looking forward to that night.

Wednesday night, I met my dad at Klondike Kate’s. I guess Charlotte’s plans had changed because she walked by twice with Amy and Delia. The first time the walked by, they had to shout my name in order to get my attention. I thought it was funny how my dad would always seem to make a joke about me being the “big man on campus” every time a girl that I knew came up and said, “Hi.” As expected, I brought back a container full of nachos that I wasn’t planning on eating till Thursday that week.

For dinner, Anton, Alain, and I met up with Isaac and Arianna. Arianna was very glad that Charlotte and I were finally dating. Anton finally met Arianna. He explained to her that between two jobs and Edge, he couldn’t show up to any of the D&D meetings. We went to Margherita Pizza, the whole time just jokingly insulting each other and making dick jokes. On the way there, Charlotte texted Arianna that the dining hall had pickles. She said that the pickles and Arianna being at the UD campus just made her day. When we got back Arianna warned me, “If you ever hurt Charlotte, I will cut your balls off and pickle them.” Isaac said, “Well Sam is too dumb to do that anyway, so …” I think what he meant was that I’m way too nice of a person to do that, hence why I was whipped during the previous year.

That night, Shri texted me, “Hey,What’s up?”

“Just got done playing giants wizards and elves.”

“Nice, how are classes and everything?”

“Good. I’m dating Charlotte.”

“What!?! Whoah!!! How did that happen? That’s awesome!”

“I asked her Monday night.”

“How long have you liked her?”

“I guess since last summer.”

“You’ve liked her even while you were dating Amari??? Awww, that’s so cute.”


“Well she was dating someone until a week after Amari n I were together.”


“Wow, timing is everything … I’m really glad everything is working out now  ^_^ you guys are so cute!”




I had an interesting conversation with Shri shortly after. She told me that Charlotte liked me since last year, but she went out with Jax because he asked her out first. She also told me how jealous she would make Charlotte every time she would cuddle with me at Abbey’s movie nights. She told me that that was why Charlotte always had me sit in the middle so that she could cuddle with me as well. She told me how Charlotte would always give her an update on how I was doing. She told me that she purposely snuggled up with me, the last movie night at Abbey’s house, to make Charlotte jealous.

Shri wanted to set up a double date for when Charlotte and I were done Edge. She said that it would be great because Charlotte was practically her best friend, and Shri really liked me, but didn’t have a crush on me or anything like that. She jokingly said, “I so happy you two are dating. I guess all that’s left is for me to do is to start dating Abbey.” I knew she was messing with me, because I knew she liked to be extra flirty to try to get people to think things other than what is actually meant.

She told me that Charlotte had told her that we were dating on Monday, but not to text me about it till today, and to make it subtle and I might tell her. I told Shri that Charlotte told me, “Shri knows we’re dating.” I told Shri it was pretty funny how she had tried to act like she didn’t know that we were dating when I told her.

She asked me, “What do you like about her?”

“I like her personality.”

“Why didn't you break up with Amari when you found out Charlotte was single again?”

“I’m not that kind of person. I like to give people a chance. Plus, between Amari and I, we have too many people who know me, and it wouldn’t look good for me if I broke up with someone after only dating someone for a week.”

She remarked that I love to be charming, and to be the knight in shining armor. I told Shri that I try to not attract attention, but somehow attention finds its way to me. She asked me what I had planned for Friday. I told her that we were planning on going somewhere on Main Street after classes, and that Charlotte could pick the place.

She gave me tips that I should wear green because she likes green and her dress was going to be green on Friday. She told make to make sure I tell Charlotte she looks beautiful. She said Charlotte was gonna give me the heads up for when she wants me to kiss her. Shri stressed the fact that Charlotte wanted me to kiss her on Friday. She told me to make sure that I told her how long I’ve liked her, and to tell her why I like her. She told me not to end the date at dinner, and make sure that I take her for ice cream or something extra. Unfortunately, I had to go because it was time for the curfew meeting. She told me to call her if I needed any more advice for Friday.

Thursday morning, Charlotte was in a bad mood because Amy and their two suitemates were all sitting on Charlotte’s bed till 2 a.m. She snapped at Anton and he wouldn’t talk to her for the rest of the morning, not even a smartass comment. To be honest, I kind of liked the peace and quiet for a change. Later that afternoon, Charlotte called me three times during my Academic Coaching hour that happens once a week. After I was done, I called her to see what she wanted. She asked me if I was ignoring her, in a joking way, or if my phone was just off. I jokingly responded, “How could I ignore you?” She thought that was pretty funny. She told me she was with James. I told her I was going to have to talk to her later because I had to submit a paper for Metacognitive before class started.

Thursday night, we planned on going to Klondike Kate’s at 5, because we needed to meet for capture the flag at 7:45 in the main lounge. My mom had called the that night to see how I was. She told me that she was going to try and get the Wii from Steve’s house, and bring it to me the next day. I told her she couldn't because I was busy from 5pm till whenever capture the flag ended, which was probably going to be around 11pm.

I woke up Friday morning super hype for my date with Charlotte later that day. I made sure the night before to get a good night’s sleep so that I wasn’t tired the next day, plus, Friday was very important to me. That afternoon, I had my usual anxiety, knowing that my date with Charlotte was in less than 5 hours. I tried to get relieve some of it by trying a new problem oriented puzzle called, “Kakuro.” I read that it was similar to sudoku, which I practically mastered, but was more challenging.

After classes, I walked back to the dorms to get ready for my date. I told Charlotte that we would meet in the main lounge, then walk towards Main Street. I was planning to wear a black polo short sleeve with khaki shorts and black sneakers. When I saw Charlotte walking down the hallway, I barely recognized her. Charlotte looked absolutely beautiful that night. She had her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a dark green dress that matched her eyes. She had on her silver prom sandals designed with gems that looked gorgeous.

We headed over to Klondike Kate’s for dinner. We talked about how our lives were similar in the way that both of us had siblings that liked to constantly make fun of us, and call us weird for not being “normal.” She was so surprised when I told her that I knew John Snyder. She told me she didn’t like him because he was a bully in preschool. He picked on Charlotte’s preschool boyfriend, then on Charlotte, and Charlotte kicked his ass while the teacher cheered her on.

When dinner was over, I paid the bill and left tip. We headed over to Yogurt City. We ate our ice cream on the way back to the dorms. I didn't kiss Charlotte that night, but I had a feeling that it would happen soon enough. On our way back, Charlotte told me Abbey was coming over for the day. I texted her later that night to see if we were going to tell her we were dating or not. We agreed that we should probably tell her, because it would be better to tell her sooner rather than later.

Saturday afternoon, Charlotte met Abbey at Cheeburger Cheeburger for lunch. When they got back, around 2, we went up to the co-ed lounge because the people in the 1st floor lounge were watching High School Musical, and being very loud. We hung out there until Xiao, one of the mentors told us that guests have to stay on the 1st floor. I suggested that we should probably go to the study lounge since the main lounge was very noisy.

I was surprised that I didn't get by Abbey, because she found out me and Charlotte were dating. She warned me though, that if I ever broke up with Charlotte and things became awkward between us, she was picking Charlotte’s side.

When Abbey left, Charlotte and I headed for the turf. The weather was gorgeous outside, so we sat on a wall in the shade along the turf. There was almost nobody outside where we were, which was weird. We enjoyed the peace and quiet for the next half hour. I snuggled up against her, with my arm wrapped around her.

It soon got a little too hot so we went back inside the dorms. I asked Charlotte if she wanted me to get my laptop to we could watch something. She said sure, and to meet in the study lounge. I grabbed my laptop, and we watched the first couple episodes of Friends on Netflix. When the second episode ended, my dad called me, which I was glad that he called then and not during the episode.

He told me that he, Tracey, and my siblings were planning on meeting up with me on Wednesday for dinner. After that, Charlotte said she was going  to check on Amy, and hang in her room, so I packed up my stuff and went into my room. When my stuff was away, I put on my rock playlist, and dozed off into nothingness on my bed until it was time for dinner.

In the evening on Monday, Charlotte finally posted on skype that we were dating. It was really funny because I was ready for my laptop to blow up with skype messages talking, but ironically no one said anything. Charlotte had a very interesting conversation with Shri, telling her about some of the people at Edge, and who knows who. I told Charlotte I was still waiting on the list that tells me who to be friends with, and who to hate. John Snyder was the only exception, because we were already friends at school, plus, Charlotte wanted to meet John’s girlfriend.

Tuesday morning, Arianna said, “Everyone saw it coming. And remember Sam, blunt right handed rusty scissors and your dick will have a lovely chat if you hurt her.” I cringed at the thought of that.

Charlotte said, “Yeah.”

I said, “I know.”

Anton remarked, “Don’t forget that they are right handed scissors not left handed.”


I asked, “Whatever happened to people specializing in mental torture? I feel like I’m the only one left.”


Arianna responded, “Mental torture doesn’t give instant gratification.”


“Yeah but it lasts longer.”


“Long term effects include no dick.”


“Tru tru.”




“I meant the glory of watching the person suffer lasts longer, but I guess the same goes for a missing dick.”




Tuesday afternoon, I texted my dad a redbox code for a free movie, and to remind him that I needed to be back at the dorms by 7 pm. He then called me to tell me that he wasn't sure that we could meet for dinner. He said that Tracy’s mom, Brenda, wasn’t doing so well with her chemotherapy, and they had to schedule her meeting at the hospital a day early because of how s8ck she was feeling. My dad told me that he would text me the next day if whether we were able to meet up or not.

Wednesday morning, we waited and extra ten minutes for Charlotte to show up for breakfast. She texted Anton to go to the dining hall without her because she wasn't hungry. On the way there, Anton kept making jokes, suggesting that I did something “sketchy” With Charlotte.

Anton asked, “Sam, what did you do last night, after curfew?”

“Nothing, I went to sleep.”

“With Charlotte,” Anton interrupted.

“NO!!” I quickly denied.

“Then why isn’t Charlotte hungry?”


“She went out at 8 last night with her sister for dinner, after already eating at the dining hall earlier.”


“You sure it wasn’t because you gave her too much vitamin D?”


“Yes, besides, Matt was there.”


“He didn’t go to to til midnight, and he could’ve slept in the co-ed lounge.”


“I didn’t do anything. Okay?!!”


That afternoon, I called my dad to see if we were meeting up that night. He said that we could, and that he was planning on going to the Deer Park, on Main Street, for half price nachos or burgers. He wasn’t sure what the special was. He told me that he would meet me around 5 pm, and he would let me know in the next hour if anything changes.

I met my dad for dinner. I hadn't seen my siblings for almost three weeks. My brother showed me his new pair of sneakers, though I really didn't care because I don't wear basketball shoes, and my brother never takes care of his shoes anyway. I noticed that his attitude got worse since the day that I left as well. We ordered nachos for dinner. The nachos there weren’t nearly as good as the ones at Klondike Kate’s. The chili that came with the nachos was just some sauce and a lot of beans mixed together.

Thursday morning, Anton had to leave breakfast early because he had a meeting with Mr. Peters, the Short Stories professor, at 9 am. On our way to class, Charlotte and I walked hand in hand. You should’ve seen the smile that Charlotte had on her face. It did seem as though she didn’t want our relationship to be seen certain people in our friend group. So, that’s why I didn’t do this till now, since Alain and Anton weren’t there. As we got closer to class, she also gave me a hint, and she let go of my hand. I didn’t blame her. I knew how much attention at school my last relationship brought towards me. I also knew how much drama could go down as soon as I got back to school.

Thursday night, Delia and Charlotte both texted me saying how much of an idiot my roommate is. Delia wanted to ask my roommate for advice because she had a crush on someone else in the program. After about 30 minutes of walking with Delia around the turf, he told her that he thought she had a crush on me. After talking to Delia about the situation, I told her I was going to have a long conversation with Matt later that night.

At the curfew meeting, the mentors discussed the rules on where we were allowed to go for our trip to D.C. this weekend. They went over rules for forms of travel, where and when the mid-day meeting was, and the rules for groups. Just like the previous year, I joined the same group as Charlotte. I let her pick the rest of the group members. I couldn’t wait for Saturday.

When Matt and I headed back to our room, I asked Matt why he thought that Delia was crushing on me, and did he somehow get the idea from me. He told me he didn’t know why, it was just his guess, and he didn’t get the idea from me.

Saturday morning, I woke up at 7 because I was meeting up with my group for the trip to DC at 7:30 in the main lounge. The dining hall wasn't open til 11am on weekends, so the mentors got bagels for everyone in the main lounge. After breakfast, the mentors made sure everyone was in the main lounge so we could go on the bus. After the headcount, Charlotte and I sat next to each other in the coach bus. The mentors put on Batman vs. Superman on the TVs in the bus. We snuggled the whole way to DC.

When we first got to DC, we headed for the Natural History Museum. We saw a lot of cool stuff there. I liked the cool gems that were there because I like shiny things. We then ate lunch at one of the concession stands. After lunch, we needed to meet with the mentors at 1 for check-in. It started pouring on our way there. After check-in, we waited out the storm for about an hour til it stopped. We went to an art museum and saw a small variety of art. We then headed to the Native American Museum. I bought a cute stuffed wolf at the gift shop. I waited with Brody and Logan while the girls went and saw the exhibit, since we were spent. When the girls got back, we needed to started heading back to where the bus was planned to pick us up. We got milkshakes on the way. On the way back, Charlotte and I snuggled up with each other again, and the mentors put in Zootopia.

Sunday morning, I got ready for brunch  around 10:30. I waited in the main lounge with Anton until noon when Charlotte said we were going to brunch. When Charlotte showed up, she looked beautiful. She said she needed to dress up today because Jeremy was coming over for the afternoon. She was wearing a white dress with pink flowers on it, and her silver sandals with gems on the front.

Sunday afternoon, I hung out with Charlotte and Jeremy. We headed out towards Main Street. As we were walking, we caught some pokemon. There was one girl that was going on an international pokemon hunt. We went to Cheeburger Cheeburger for milkshakes. While there, I finally got a snapchat, even though I knew I wasn’t going to use it much. We then stopped at the Dollar Tree a little further down the street, where we bought a whole bunch of junk food. We then walked back to the dorms, and said goodbye to Jeremy.


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