Different Worlds

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NCIS AND DOCTOR WHO CROSSOVER: NCIS HQ is faced with a serious pest problem... but it's not your usual critters. That's right. The Alliance is back, and they're not too happy about the Doctor escaping the Pandorica. Every alien the Doctor has ever faced is working as a team to destroy him... and they don't care which version it is they kill.

ALSO: sorry about the strange format, guys. Booksie doesn't like to put the text in straight for me sometimes... more like all the time. Oh well. :D If anyone knows how to fix it, please give me shout. I would really appreciate the help!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Submitted: July 27, 2016

“DONNNAAAAAAAAA!!!” The Doctor lept over a basket of sorted fruits that had been placed in the middle of a small alley, running at ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Submitted: July 27, 2016

“I don’t understand it,” Ziva said to Tony, staring through the one sided glass of the interrogation room where the strange man t... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Submitted: July 27, 2016

McGee was running down the hall, straight to Abby’s lab. He turned the corner to get through the door and ran into Gibbs. “Oh,... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Submitted: July 27, 2016

“What are we gonna do?” Donna whispered as she and the Doctor walked down the hall, followed by the four agents. “I’m not e... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Submitted: August 07, 2016

“This is very, very not good,” The Doctor said pacing around the lab and ruffling his own hair. “How is this bad?” Tony ask... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Submitted: August 07, 2016

Everyone that had been crowded around McGee’s computer went silent. The other federal agents in the large room hadn’t seemed to not... Read Chapter

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