One book - One journey

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“A Book is the gateway to another world”, these are the words that
I have heard since I was a child, which I totally agree with.

Submitted: July 27, 2016

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Submitted: July 27, 2016



One book - One journey

“A Book is the gateway to another world”, these are the words that I have heard since I was a child, which I totally agree with. My wooden bookshelves are filled with more than a hundred books, which means I have more than a hundred gates to another world. There is a question in my mind, ‘How did I become a book addict?’.

I looked back to when I was very young, when I couldn’t read. I always asked my parents to read a tale for me every night, so I could have good dreams. After I’d learnt to read, I started reading some of Aesop’s tales and some Japanese comics. However, this wasn’t the reason that I started taking books everywhere I went and dropping by bookstores every time I walked past.

I still remember the first time I was really fascinated by a book. It was late afternoon, and soft sunlight was shining through the window onto my seat that was opposite my mom’s. I was reading a Japanese comic; I don’t remember the title. When I looked up, I saw my mom staring intently at her novel. I looked at the book in her hands and found that its cover was so plain, not colorful like mine. I tried to understand its title but I couldn’t, so I thought it was a specific name.

A few minutes later and my mom’s eyes were still locked on her book. I stretched my neck to see what was on the page she was reading. I wondered why it made her so addicted. What I saw was just a whole load of letters on every single page; there were no pictures. I couldn’t guess what it was about.

Then I turned to my comic which had many differences; I could see the drawing of characters in action poses with a small amount of dialogue, I could just look at the page and could guess what the characters were doing. I looked at the novel in my mom’s hand again. The letters were composed into a long sentence and then into many paragraphs hiding what was inside, and something inside meant that my mom couldn’t tear her eyes away. If a comics' charm was characters' lined design, then an enchantment of novel might have been a whole load of letters. Looking at my mom's book, there was a mocking sound echoing in my head, it said ‘Read me and I will tell you a secret'

I tried to read but I couldn’t because the book was upside down, so I asked my mom, “Can I read that book?” 

My mom looked at me lifting her eyebrows before asking me “Are you sure you want to read it?”

“Sure” I replied in a steady voice.

“But it’s a very long story. I think you will get bored”, it seems she didn’t want me to read it because she shut the book and took it away from me.

“Just one paragraph, pleeeaase”

However, I didn’t succeed in persuading my mom to let me read her novel, hence I kept thinking about it all the following week. Sometimes I tried to seek for novels on all the bookshelves in my house, but I found nothing; my mom didn’t keep her novels at home. I was about to stop thinking of the novel when my mom gave me an orange-covered book. I immediately knew that it was a novel for me. I smiled widely while receiving the book from her. On its orange cover, there was a side-face of a lion on the left side and a striped cat sitting on the right side, a picture of a tan-skinned boy above the cat, and yellow letters on the top of the book that spelt ‘Lionboy’. I opened the book with my heart drumming wondering what kind of journey was waiting for me behind the letters.

Reading ‘Lionboy’, I met Charlie, the boy who could speak a cat language. He could speak to lions and tigers. His journey was full of hope, despair and friendship. The 300-page book, which looked so much for me at first sight, became less and less as I read. Since reading my first book, there has to be at least one book with me when I leave the house. I can say that the more I read, the more journeys I have.

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