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Submitted: July 27, 2016

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Submitted: July 27, 2016



You were extremely rude
to the doctor today Anne
Sister Paul said
and to go missing
with Benny
and being late for dinner
just added to your troubles
where did you go?

Anne sitting on a chair
in the nun's office
stared at the nun coldly
and said
out on the beach
getting a bit of life

Sister Paul stared back
at the 12 year old girl
sitting there
with a large amount
of insolence
and with arms folded
and her crutches
by her side

you do not go
without permission
and not with another child
the nun said stiffly
fingering her rosary
under the table
the doctor was most annoyed
by your language
where you get
that kind of language
from is beyond me

the quack
was fingering my leg stump
and looking up my skirt
Anne said

the doctor was examining
your leg to see if
it was healing
the nun replied

well it still fucking hurts
Anne said
his sticky maulers
didn't make it any better
rubbing her leg stump
to make a point

the fuck word stuck
in the nun's head
like a wasp in a bottle
and buzzed there

I will NOT
have that rude word
said to me
or anyone else
Sister Paul said
staring at the girl
wishing she(Anne)
was in one
of the Catholic schools
and not at this nursing home
then she could be punished
for such language
and behaviour

can I go now?
Anne said
only I feel wind
coming on
and I wouldn't want
to upset you
more by that

the nun sighed
and stared at the girl
go go and understand
what I have been saying

Anne heaved herself up
with the aid
of her crutches
and crutched herself
out of the nun's office
looking at the nun
as she went

Sister Paul wanted to
but she knew she couldn't
and sat watching
the girl crutch
herself from the office
and allowed the door to shut
with a slam

outside the door
Anne stuck up two fingers
and went away

Sister Paul
on the other side
of the door
closed her eyes
to pray.

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